Beauty product stash

In the 2.5 years that this blog has been around I already showed you my make up collection. I never showed you my beauty products though and since I love seeing what people keep and how they keep it when it comes to make up and beauty products, I thought I’d share mine too. I don’t keep too many beauty products. As much as I love buying more and more make up, that’s how little I invest in buying beauty products. I try to limit myself to the amount of creams, shampoos and shower gels I have as I know that I will never use it. So my beauty stash is not too big. In fact, I added the products that I keep in my bathroom to give this post some substance. I also didn’t feel the need to photograph every single product that I keep, but I did add a few extra pictures of products that may otherwise not be visible in the pictures. I hope you enjoy!

This is where and how I keep my beauty products: in one single drawer of my Malm drawer set. I use the Skubb drawer dividers to keep it from becoming a mess. Both Malm and Skubb are available at IKEA. At the front left, I keep my face products, cleansers and hair brushes. Behind that are shower gels, sunscreen, body butters and back ups of deodorants and toothpaste. In the middle I keep make up bags and a shower cap. In front of that there are some miscellaneous things, followed by hair products and perfumes on the right. Not bad right?

Part 1: Face products, cleansers, deodorant & some hair brushes.

In this section I keep practical things: my night cream, eye cream and make up removers are here. I use the Sephora waterproof eye make up remover and Aloe Vera Facial Cleanser and Toner from The Body Shop. It also has deodorant, the white thing is a small mirror and I keep some cotton pads on top of it all. Below you can find some combs and hairbrushes as well as my back up of the Lush’ Angels on Bare Skin cleanser, which I keep here while I keep a small amount of it in my shower.

Part 2: Back ups, body butters and more.

The bulk of this are back ups of shower gels (the only beauty product I tend to keep quite a few off), deodorant (when it’s there) and toothpaste. There are Christmas products from The Body Shop and Lush, but also sunscreen and after sun and some body butters from Kruidvat and The Body Shop. There are also some smaller knick knacks in the bottom left corner: a moisturizer, on the spot brush cleanser, Tweezerman tweezers, antiperspirant, a face cream, an anti-zit roller by Garnier and travel sized day and night cream. I also keep a jar of the Almond & Coconut Smoothie by Lush which I treasure because it smells heavenly and it has been discontinued.

Part 3: Miscellaneous

This is the part of the drawer I use the least. It has electric toothbrush brushes, travel products, Lush soaps and massage bars and baby shampoo for washing my brushes. Very very uninteresting.

Part 4: Hair products

I only just recently started to experiment with hair products. I’ve never been a firm believer in them, but I have found a few things I like so far. There are leave-in conditioners, hair oils and hair mask in the bottom left corner. In the back I keep back ups of shampoos and conditioners and to the right are my mousse, hairspray and dry shampoo. The tin holds a Lush solid shampoo.

Part 5: Perfume & teeth

I also keep my perfumes in this drawer. I already wrote a post about my perfumes, so if you want to know which ones I have then you can check that out by clicking here. Since I went through years of wearing braces and retainers, my teeth are valuable to me. I keep two toothbrushes, toothpicks, mouth wash AND the best toothpaste I could find for my sensitive teeth in my bathroom.

Part 6: What I keep in my shower

I used to keep a lot more on my bathroom shelf but just after summer I chucked away a ton of stuff I either didn’t use or which would be better off in my drawer. I now only keep that which I need when I’m in my shower. I have a depilatory cream and two Lush containers. In the Lush containers are a bit of the Almond & Coconut smootie and two small chunks of Lush soap respectively (I like to reuse Lush packaging!).

Next there’s my face products: a foaming face wash and Lush Angel’s on Bare Skin. Then there’s hair: shampoo and conditioner. I don’t keep the solid shampoo in my bathroom as it will go bad quickly when you do. I also have two shower gels: one for morning showers and one for evening showers. Last but not least, there’s scrub, but I don’t use it too often. My skin simply doesn’t like it and one of my Lush soaps is Figs & Leaves which already has a mildly scrubbing effect.

Well, that’s it really. Don’t have anything else when it comes to beauty products. I just like using them and only buy more when I need it. I also use up a bottle before opening a new one, so there really is no point in me buying even more shower gels. What about you?

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