My plans for 2013


Good morning/ afternoon/ evening everyone and Happy 2013! I hope when you’re reading this it means you had a good and safe New Year’s Eve. Let’s kick off the new year by looking into what I’ll be up to this year.

I already mentioned in yesterday’s 2012 review post: this year I’ll graduate! That really is my main goal for the year and that’s why all my other plans have been limited. The first 6 months or so will be devoted to reading relevant sources, doing research and writing it all up. I hope to have a first draft by the end of May and a second and hopefully final version by June. I only have 1 more assignment to finish before that, so I think I should do fine. I’ve even been granted some extra time at work so I can definitely finish it. Now I just gotta push through and make it all work out.

Travel wise I of course have some more plans. Though nothing is set in stone yet. I will go on a study trip with work and so I will visit the Birmingham/ Liverpool area in April. Other than that I want to go to London and Paris over summer and maybe, if funds and my availability allow it Barcelona in the fall. I won’t know until I plan the other trips and I won’t be doing that until well into the year. I first have to focus on finishing up my studies.

I only have two ‘fun’ things planned yet. Then again, fun things usually happen quite spontaneously in my life and they are always more fun when you don’t plan them, so I don’t mind. The two things I know I’ll go to are a Muse concert in June and the Beautygloss party in April. The first is pretty much obvious, the second not so much to everyone reading this. It’s a party organized by one of the largest beauty blogs in The Netherlands. It showcases beauty brands and work shops during the party.

Of course I can only hope to be as healthy as can be in the new year and that’s why, for the first time in my life, I have an actual new year’s resolution. In all of January, I am not allowed to eat ANY sugar. Fruit yes, but no candy, cake, pie, cookies or anything else that is decidedly bad. Not once. This will be tough as I have a huge sweet tooth, but I know that it will help me shed a few pounds. I know that one month will already be a struggle and eating should never be torture, so after January is over I hope my body can cope with a lower sugar intake and I can eat the odd cookie or two again come February. Wish me luck!

Naturally I will keep on writing blogs, but in what way, shape or form, I don’t know yet. I’m still experimenting every day. One thing I hope to do in  2013 is start a 50 Book Challenge once I’ve finished my studies and hopefully my friend Alison will come over to visit. I hope my hayfever will lessen even more and that I will be sick less as a result. I hope my family, friends and everyone I know stay healthy as well. I’m set on making 2013 the best year yet, but of course you need a bit of luck to make that happen. So here’s to hoping that luck is on my side as well as yours. I hope YOUR 2013 will also be the best year yet. Good luck, stay strong and BE HAPPY!

What are your new year’s resolutions?

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