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Alright, back to business. I’m not yet 100% better, but I’m on the road to recovery now and so I thought it would be time for another blog. Today I’d like to talk to you all about H&M sports wear. Last October I decided it was time for me to buy some new work out gear and since I hadn’t tried H&M’s selection yet, I was curious to see if it was any good. At the time I only bought a sports bra/ top and a pair of tight cropped black running leggings (click here to see that post). I ended up loving both items and with the start of the new year and H&M’s new collection hanging in stores, I thought it would be the perfect time to stock up. So a few weeks ago I went to H&M and did just that.

What I like about the H&M sports line is that it is a) practical b) looks flattering on c) has quick dry material and d) actually fits. I have tried many expensive work out clothes, but they never fit me. Nike, Adidas, you name it, I tried it on at one point it time and it all looked horrible on me. When I tried on the H&M stuff, it looked not only good, but great and when you look great, you feel great. The last thing a person needs is to feel self conscious when working out. Because I liked the stuff so much and since their new stuff had just arrived the sports section was well-stocked, I decided to make the most of it. I went home with two pairs of long work out leggings/ pants, 3 tops and 2 sports bra/ crop tops.

Dark grey w/ neon yellow pattern leggings

The first pair of leggings I bought are these black/ dark grey ones with a neon yellow pattern. It’s a nice break from boring black and look best with a black top. They are made of the quick dry material that all the items in this post are made of. It feels durable and I like the length. This is perfect for yoga class/ bodycombat, especially when it’s freezing like now. They are originally designed for running, but I simply wear them to the gym. They are a size M and when I wore them the first time I at first wished I’d gotten them a size smaller, but as I started to sweat the pants simply clung to my legs and stopped sliding down. Price: €24.95.

Lavender & black racer back tops

One thing I can never have enough of, are work out tops. These are again made of the quick dry material and aren’t too tight on your body. Which is nice, because it means they are still fitted, but without showing off the lovehandles you added over Christmas dinner. The fabric is quite thick and sturdy again. What I like about these is that they cover up your chest area quite nicely so no flashing your instructor half way through your class if you are well-endowned in the chest area. I got these in a size M and cost me €9.95 a piece (I bought three, the other black top is not in the picture).

Black work out leggings

Then I also bought a pair of all black long work out leggings. Same story as with the first pair, only this one runs a bit big so I sized down to a size S for this. Also, please note, I say these are long, i.e. full length leggings, but I’m short and they are long on me. If you’re tall it might be that they are a fair bit shorter on you. These cost €19.95.

Cropped sports bra tops

Then I also bought two of these sports bras. At least that’s what H&M calls them. They are not actual sports bras, but I simply use them as a top to layer underneath my regular tops. Especially the ones that have a lower cut, but I tend to wear them all the time now. I find that they do give me a bit of extra support when I wear them on top of my bra. And I love how fitter they are and stay in place while you move. I’m a size L in these and the plan is to stock up on them as soon as some new colors come in. Because they are also handy for adding just that extra pop of color in your work out wardrobe. Cost: €14.95 a piece.

I would like to highly recommend the H&M sports line. If you get the chance, definitely check it out. Do make sure you go to an actual store to try things on as one item may run smaller or larger depending on which item you’re going for. Also, another downside is that some of this stuff sells out quite quickly. So if you want to fulfill that new year’s resolution and hit the gym in style, I suggest you act quickly.

What is your experience with H&M sports wear?

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  1. Hier hebben we het wel eens eerder over gehad, ik heb bijna alleen nog maar sportkleding van H&M! Lekker goedkoop, goede pasvorm en lekkere leuke felle kleurtjes! 🙂

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