The good things in life

I find it so easy to complain about things. So much so that I sometimes forget how incredibly lucky I am. Both my parents are still here and they are still together. I have a loving caring family and circle of friends, most of whom go way back. I am healthy (give and take a few hiccups along the way), in the best shape of my life and actually really enjoying myself in both my professional and personal life. So I thought it would be a good idea to write a piece about the good things in my life.


.My job.

So in case you didn’t know: I teach. And teaching isn’t exactly known for its organized or relaxing qualities. It is therefore easy to moan about everything that is wrong, everything that should be changed. While actually my job is incredibly fun! I always become a bit stressed out and down during exam times, because honestly grading isn’t the most exciting thing that comes with a teaching job. But stick me in a room with colleagues to discuss the new curriculum, or in a room full of students asking me questions and unleashing interesting discussions and I’m a happy bunny!

.Pretty songs.

I’m obsessed with ‘songs’ as in: soft, pretty songs that are simple, carry a lot of emotion and are well executed. Honestly, all I need is a guy or gal with a good voice and a minimal instruments to accompany them and to me that is the prettiest music there is. I love listening to singer/songwriter type music just before going to bed, especially if it’s dreamy and cute.

.Having time.

And when you don’t have it: making it! For fun stuff, for friends, for family, for well, everything that makes me happy. It’s such a good feeling to sometimes just be lazy and not know what the day will bring. Or to just have all the time in the world and stay for hours after a gym work out and stay until closing time.

.Getting compliments.

I don’t think I’ve worked anywhere where I’ve received so many compliments as where I work now. Not just from colleagues, but also from students. I don’t mean this to brag, in fact, it all came as a surprise to me. Apparently I’m fitting in nicely and am a valuable asset to the school.

.Good food.

It’s been a while since I threw a serious dinner party, but in a few weeks time I’ll finally get to use my cooking skills to their full potential. In the mean time, I’ve been trying a few new things that I had never had before and ever since I switched jobs I now even have some time to cook a fresh meal from scratch at least once or twice a week. Oh and don’t forget my finally getting a blender again and making smoothies again. Best. Lunch. Ever.

.Meeting old friends.

You know how you have these periods in your life when you keep bumping in to people you haven’t seen in years? Well that’s what’s been happening to me these past few months. From meeting people on trains who I knew from singing classes 7 years ago, to closer friends who I’ve lost touch with along the way. I end up seeing someone at least once or sometimes even twice a month and it usually results in lunch, coffee, or dinner.

.Having energy again.

January really was no fun, but now I’m as chipper and energetic again as ever. I have had no more sleepless nights for 3 weeks now and that results in a much more well-rested and happier me. Also, I find that teaching classes again is giving me a renewed boost. I simply function best if I can share my passion for everything English language related with a bunch of people who are potentially as much of a nut job about it as I am.

What are the good things in your life at the moment?

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  1. I’m glad you’re feeling so good! I’m also very happy about my life right now…getting used to my new job…it’s ben going great so far…and friday a new chapter in my life will start when we get the key to our new home…yay! all super exciting! 🙂

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