Get your cook on

If there is one thing in the world I love it’s food. I don’t just like eating it, I also really like preparing it. And guess what: it’s the one thing I take the most pictures of and post on Instagram/ Facebook. Especially the past couple of months, I’ve been finding myself with more time to prepare meals because I get home earlier from work. Add to that my 4-course dinner extraordinaire which I organized this past weekend and you have quite a few pictures to share of meals that I found delicious. I hope this serves as an inspiration to anyone who might need it. Enjoy!

My favorite salad: lettuce, apple, walnuts, raisins, goats cheese, cucumber & honey

Left over ingredients all combined into one oven dish = an excellent dinner

Cajun chicken, cut beans & bean sprouts

My favorite food: salmon & cream cheese sushi

One of my favorite breakfasts: cut oats, milk, honey & fresh fruit. Heat it up minus the fruit in the microwave and you have a great breakfast. Too bad it messes too much with my stomach

Lunch salad: lettuce, tomato, cucumber, salmon and Danish blue cheese with a bit of balsamic vinegar

Home made food always beats the bought kind: whipped vanilla mascarpone, green pesto & rasberry coulis

Best food for lazy, no make up Sundays: a blueberry-banana-yoghurt smoothie

Dinner time! Dutch pea soup with smoked sausage & rye bread with bacon

I didn’t make this, but this was so good. I am so recreating this some time soon: lettuce, cooked pears, balsamic vinegar, walnuts & blue cheese

Big Sunday morning breakfast/ brunch: yoghurt with kiwi fruit, some cheese, a boiled egg and a steaming hot cup of green tea

Another salad (it’s my go to lunch food): lettuce, tomato, mozzarella, balsemic vingar and some basil

Dessert: small pancake & the whipped mascarpone & raspberry coulis you saw earlier on.

I hope this got your taste buds going. If you would like me to share any of the recipes, just let me know and I’ll write a post. Though I have to admit that not many dishes featured here come with recipes. Especially the salads I just throw together with whatever I have lying about. I tend to ‘forget’ taking pictures of meals I prepare as I’m just too eager to try the food. That’s why most of these are Instagram pictures, as I usually decide to take a pic as a spur of the moment thing. But I will try to share more ‘food’ posts in the future, because I love to cook and bake so it’s easy for me to get that out there.

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