New In: Rimmel & L’Oreal make up

With spring comes nearly always comes my wish to try out some new make up products. I had been reading great reviews of the Rimmel BB cream and after the fiasco that is Maybelline Fit Me foundation, I was very curious to try it. The lipstick was on sale as this color is being discontinued and the L’Oreal Infallible eyeshadows are simply amazing so I knew I couldn’t go wrong there. Are you ready for some mini reviews and swatches?

Rimmel BB cream in Light, Rimmel Kate Moss lipstick in no. 04, L’Oreal Infallible eyeshadow in Flashback Silver

L’Oreal Infallible eyeshadow in Flashback Silver

Let’s start with eyeshadow shall we? Since that is my favorite make up product anyway. I already have 2 of these shadows which I purchased in the US over summer. I love the formula and pigmentation of these. I hadn’t seen this color before so I’m assuming it’s new, but it may very well not be. It’s a silver but with a very pretty purple undertone too it. This gives it a bit of an aubergine glow to it, which makes this eyeshadow a bit more special in my book. Special enough to be bought!

The texture is creamy and as you can see on the swatch it is very shiny. I can see myself wearing this in a simple make up look where it’s just this shadow and some eyeliner. And since I’m into simple eye looks lately I think it’s a perfect addition to my make up collection.

Rimmel BB Cream in Light

Drugstore foundations & me. It’s a combination that has never worked. They are too dark, make my face itchy and irritate my skin. I’m always curious to try new ones though whenever I hear people rave about it online. Enter the Rimmel BB cream. I heard many great reviews on this product and for once the lightest color did not seem to turn anyone into an Oompa Loompa. I tried some on my hand and decided to take the plunge and take it home.

A thick and very creamy substance is what you get once you squeeze the tube. It looks fairly dark at first but when rubbing it into the skin on the back of my hand it seems to blend in nicely. I have only worn it a few times by now and it is a tad too dark for my face right now, but I can make it work as long as I blend it well. I think this will be perfect for summer when my skin is a bit more glowy, so I’ll save it for then. If you want to see a Face of the Day where I’m wearing it then stay tuned as I have one coming up later this week.

Rimmel Kate Moss lipstick in 04

Whensimply browsing the Rimmel stand for the BB cream I found they were selling a few Rimmel products at half price as they are being discontinued. Most of the colors were the same, but after rummaging a bit, I came across no. 04: a deep purple lipstick. The color is quite shocking in the tube, but not having tried the Kate Moss lipsticks yet I didn’t know how opaque or sheer this would be and the tester was already gone. I decided that for 50% off, I might as well give it a shot.

I took it home and swatched it. Look at that pretty dark berry color! It reminds me of the way black cherries or blackberries stain your fingers when you eat them. Only then about 10x more intense. Surprised by this color being less purple than the lipstick itself made me think. I decided to give it the ultimate test: on my lips.

And erm well. No. Just no. It is edgy, but it doesn’t really suit my skin tone. I think I could make it work if my overall make up look would be different, but for every day, i.e. work, situations this is a no. But then I thought wait! Maybe all is not lost. I remember watching a video by Lisa Eldridge on how to wear dark lipstick and so I will watch that and hopefully take some tips away from it to make this pretty baby wearable.

Would you wear dark purple lipstick?

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  1. De bbcream is echt een favoriet van mij! Al is hij ook een beetje te donker op het moment. Flashback Silver is echt prachtig! Heb al meerdere malen met Infallible eyeshadows in mn hamdem gestaan. De lipstick vind ik ook niet zo mooi bij je staan (knal)roze vind ik zoveel mooier bij je

    • I know… De lipstick is eigenlijk wel een dikke fail… Maar als ik hem sheer draag is het wel te doen. Zeker als ik er dan nog een lichtroze gloss overheen doe. Heb het vandeweek uitgeprobeerd 😉

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