The Body Shop make up brushes

I’m not much of a brush fiend, but I like the ones I have. Some of my brushes go way back: I’ve had them ever since I first started using make up more regularly some 5 odd years ago. My first serious set of brushes was a brush roll filled with 5 brushes from The Body Shop. I bought them on sale at a ridiculous discount. I liked them so much that I ended up buying the only brush that wasn’t in that kit: the powder brush. By now, I am still using two of these brushes and they are very well two of the favorite brushes I have: the face/body brush & blusher brush.

Top: face/body brush. Bottom: blusher brush.

Left: powder brush. Right: blush brush.

This is what TBS has to say:

Powder brush: Perfect for applying loose powder or bronzer over face, neck and décolletage.

Blush brush: A soft, round-tipped brush that’s tailormade for powder blusher. Use it to sculpt, blend and dust.

I have always used the blush brush for blusher. The powder brush I have used for several purposes: overall powder brush, bronzer, blush, and as a clean brush to blend contour and highlight more evenly into my skin. The latter is what I tend to use it for now. Both brushes are made of synthetic hair, yet feel incredibly soft and they have lasted me a long time. These babies have gone through regular washings, deep cleansing rounds and still they work like a charm and remain feeling as soft as when I first bought them.

The brushes are dense and pick up product easily. They are both big and fluffy brushes, but the blush brush is a bit flatter than the powder brush. I don’t remember how expensive these were. Like I said in the intro, the blush brush was part of a discounted set and I bought them a long long time ago. I found that the blush brush costs 14 euros if you buy it separately right now. I couldn’t find a price for the powder brush but that will cost a tad more. Definitely not cheap for a brush, but to me well worth the money as they have lasted me so long.

I honestly can’t believe that I don’t read much about these brushes anywhere. They are very soft, cruelty free and hold up really well. I have never wished to try any other powder or blush brush simply because these work so well. Having bought these before I knew much about make up, this must have been my best make up purchase at the time. The other brushes that came in the kit weren’t that great and I have since replaced them with other brushes. So you may want to think twice about buying eyeshadow, eyeliner or lip brushes from TBS, but this blush and powder are amazing.

Powder brush

Blush brush


If you’re looking for brushes that do their job, are cruelty free and will last you some years to come then these are definitely worth the investment.

Do you have any TBS brushes?

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