My life as a Backstreet Boys fan

Because today is their 20th anniversary let’s revisit some of my posts from 2010 and 2012 about what used to be my favorite band of all time. They still hold a place dear to my heart, but I’m a bit out of the loop when it comes to what’s going on exactly. Their 20th anniversary I can’t skip though.
On April 13th 1993, the Backstreet Boys as we all know them came to be. I became a fan in spring/ summer 1996, went to my first BSB concert in april 1998 (I was 13, god bless) and used to collect everything under the sun. Now, 30 or so concerts in places all over Europe and a few in the US later, I have sort of grown out of the whole backstreet experience. But since they have given me so many memories over all these year, there is a part of me that simply can’t let go. All I need is to remember 10,000 people singing I Want It That Way at the top of their lungs again and I’m happy.

This is last year’s post on my BSB tour memories:

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      • Well, aside from waiting in the blistering sun for seven/eight hours (lol!), it was a fun experience (well, at least coming from a fan that’s actually never seen them live). They debuted snippets of about eight songs off their new album and talked about them as well. Some of them were your standard pop/dance-pop love songs.

        But I was pleasantly surprised to hear a couple tracks that were a bit different in regards to their usual content. They talked about how this one song “Madeline” was actually inspired by a LGBT BSB fan that committed suicide due to bullying. And it’s basically about staying strong and that life will get better. It was actually pretty moving. Howie mentioned that they wrote probably 90% of the content off the album, which I really appreciated considering how much I want them to evolve and mature as a group.

        They also showed about 10 minutes from their documentary. Looks like it’s gonna be pretty personal and emotional. They showed some of the guys going back to their hometowns and where they grew up. Nick was crying in one scene. It’s funny because after the clip was over, he was all embarrassed, “I don’t like to see myself crying!”

  1. Yeah, I think I’ve probably grown out of the whole BSB experience as well. For one, I don’t have the money for it anymore, but when I do have the money, then I simply don’t have the time, lol. Plus obnoxious fans can really ruin the experience for everyone else. Sooo, I think I’m happy to outgrow all that. I’ll still listen to my old BSB stuff occasionally, and be happy for them when they have accomplishments like the Hollywood Walk of Fame star they got on Monday. But… I think it’s time for me to close that chapter… 🙂

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