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Last week I posted my fitness & health routine where I told you that I have made the decision to simply go back to my semi low carb diet I was doing before I went wheat free. On top of that, whenever I do eat pasta, bread or the like, I will make sure that it is wheat free from now on. In a way that means I’m combining the two. And to show you some more food ideas of what I tend to eat, I took some pics again. I’ve been trying some old favorite, new combinations and I even had porridge for the first time in my life. Here’s what I ate these past 2 weeks.

P.S. I really enjoy doing these type of posts. Let me know in a comment below if you do too and I will see if I can make it a weekly or biweekly thing.


My new favorite breakfast cereal: super food mix with assorted raw nuts. In this mix you can find: goji berries, mulberries, inca berries, cranberries, raw cashew nuts, raw almonds & raw hazelnuts.

I used it in two slightly different breakfast meals. On the left you can see Greek yoghurt, kiwi fruit, flaxseeds, agave nectar & superfood mix. On the right you can see plain yoghurt, superfood mix with assorted raw nuts, kiwi fruit & flax seeds.

I’ve been adding flax seeds to my breakfast every morning now and it’s doing wonders for my stomachaches.

My new favorite late morning breakfast: buckwheat porridge! On the left you can see it while it’s still cooking. On the right you can see the finished product. I was going for a bit of treat here with raisins, dark chocolate sprinkles, honey, cinnamon & flaxseeds.

Another favorite breakfast which is a bit more simple: Greek style yoghurt, honey, flax seeds, walnuts, kiwi fruit. I’m also digging my Greek style yoghurt lately.

Another late breakfast which I had before working out. I decided I needed a bit more to keep me going that morning and went with a 2 egg omelet, which I fluffed up with cream cheese, added fiber throughflax seeds, and some avocado and cheese for some extra nutrients.


The simplest home made salad: cucumber, lettuce, cherry tomato, olives, walnuts and goat’s cheese.

This requires some work, but it’s super delicious: cucumber, cherry tomato, olives, blue cheese, cashew nuts, and marinated cajun chicken salad.

And another super simple one: lettuce, cucumber, tomato, bell pepper, corn & feta cheese salad.

Healthy pancakes for lunch! Banana-egg-oat pancakes with cinnamon & berry nut mix. Yup that’s right, no flour needed to make this delicious meal.

If you need a lunch that fills you right up you can go for this avocado, cream cheese, cucumber, pickles, onions, capers, and tomato salad. I added half an avocado, a heaping table spoon of cream cheese and some left over veggies that I had lying about. I used to make this with mayonnaise, but opted for cream cheese this time as I thought it would be better and it was!


Yummy dinner for which I paid a heavy price. I had this creamy salmon, zucchini, leak pasta two days in a row which resulted in a day of stomachaches and nausea. It was delicious though and well worth the price.

I love make shift dinners. When I have no time to really cook and plenty of food in the fridge I tend to simply throw things together. Here you see my left over dinner which included mature Gouda cheese with some mustard, olives, rice cake with apple spread & some left over protein shake.

And another make shift dinner: raw herring with fresh cut onions (it’s a Dutch thing) and some bacon & eggs with nutritional yeast.


All of these shakes I had in combination with one of the meals you can see above, or I had them as lunch.

The one on the left is a strawberry, raspberry, banana protein shake. On the top right you can see a banana, kiwi fruit, apple, chocolate sprinkle, honey, avocado, protein shake. And the bottom right shows you a cherry chocolate protein shake. When I say chocolate I mean that the chocolate comes from raw cocoa powder rather than chocolate sprinkles which I also use. That has to be my new favorite addition to shakes.

Do you have any meals that you would like to see from me?

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  1. Anne Solveig Avatar

    Lekker zeg!

    1. indiequeen84 Avatar

      Dank je.

  2. myshoediction Avatar

    die ontbijtjes zien er goed uit! 😀

    1. indiequeen84 Avatar

      Thanks. Ik probeer zeker mijn ontbijt zo goed mogelijk in elkaar te zetten.

  3. robin Avatar

    ziet er stuk voor stuk heerlijk uit! nu heb ik trek <3

    1. indiequeen84 Avatar

      Sowwy 😉

  4. AWildDog Avatar

    Raw fish with onions? Hmmmm, that is definitely a dutch thing!
    I love to have fish – I usually just cook it in the oven with some salt and butter. I had River Cobbler on Friday. I don’t get fish too often because it can be expensive.

    I also love what you call “make shift dinners”. I often just get cheese, cucumber, humous, celery, etc from the fridge and eat it this way. I much prefer my salad this way actually.

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