EOTD: Everything orange

Long live the King! Oh wait, that was last week… Big fail on my behalf, but I had wanted to post this eye of the day to celebrate our new king. Unfortunately, my busy life got in the way and so it was delayed. I hope you don’t mind, because this orange eyelook will be suitable for any Dutchie to wear whenever we should be decked out in orange once again.

This is literally the easiest eye look to create: it only uses a bit of color on the lid, a crease color and a bit of highlight under the brow bone. I didn’t use any liner because I wanted the orange to pop as much as possible. That’s it: easy as pie. And not unimportant: very wearable for such a bright color. Here’s what I did:

  1. Applied The Body Shop eyeshadow in No. 13. (Matte creamy white)
  2. Dabbed Maybelline Color Tattoo in Fierce & Tangy on my lid with my finger. (Bright orange cream shadow)
  3. Applied a bit of Inglot’s Matte 361 eyeshadow all over the lid as well. (Matte orange/ coral shade)
  4. I applied Inglot’s Matte 239 in the crease and blended it (Matte light gray shade)
  5. I put on mascara


For a look at the Maybelline color tattoo, you can click here.

For a look at the Inglot eyeshadows, you can click here.

This became an eye of the day as I didn’t have any time to take full face pictures that day. Plus lighting wasn’t perfect ;-). I hope you still enjoyed the post.

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