Spring/ summer 2013 shoplog: casual & basics

Today I present to you: number 1 in my spring/ summer 2013 shoplogs. That’s right, you’re not getting one, but three shoplogs where I show you how I got my wardrobe spring and summer proof. With my infrequent posting behavior of the past few months I didn’t have much time to squeeze in any current shoplogs. The things you saw in March, I purchased in January. So the shoplogs you see today are the result of several offline and online shopping sprees since February. And anyone who knows me, knows I shop. So let’s just say that’s why there are three shoplogs, instead of one. Today I’m showing you the casuals & basics I bought over the course of 4 months.

I don’t know about you, but come spring/ summer time I always stock up on basics as if my life depends on it. Basic t-s, tank tops, or in my case crop tops and work out clothes, were part of my mojo these past few months. These items literally come from all over the place, so I have listed where they come from wherever I can. Here’s what I got. (FYI: I did not buy all of this in one go)

Basic t-shirts

You can never go wrong with basic shirts. I threw out a bunch at the beginning of winter, and so it was time I stocked up. To my demise, I found I had only one basic white T, which wasn’t all that flattering anymore, so I got some of that. I was also the last person on the planet to not own a mint green or burgundy t-shirt. Problem solved.

Primark night shirts

I absolutely love Primark for sleepwear. I haven’t tried any of their actual PJs, but when I found this night gowns/ shirts, I was instantly hooked and I tend to pick up a few whenever I go. So when I was in England I immediately knew I had to get a few. The one on the right is bit washed out, but it’s a mint green with heart print. Super basic and easy to wear, these shirts are 100% cotton and hit me at knee length in a size small.

Black bandeau crop top (New Look)

Last year I went a bit bandeau crazy, so there is no need for me to buy that many more. You can never go wrong with a black one though and so I knew this would come in handy regardless. I love wearing these underneath sheer shirts to cover up my bra. This just makes the look a bit more dressed up while not flashing your chest to everyone.

Collection of crop tops

Where last year’s fad were bandeau crop tops, this year it’s regular crop tops for me. Not that I have the type of stomach one would want to flash while wearing these. That’s why I plan on wearing these with high waisted shorts, pants and skirts. Showing just a bit of midriff to keep things modest, yet sexy.

Patterned monochrome tank top (H&M)

I don’t love tank tops. I honestly don’t wear them much anymore as they never cover me up enough for work situations. However, this one was so much fun, I just couldn’t pass it up. Plus it fits nicely.

Aztec print purple, neon pink & peach colored t-shirt (H&M)

I loved the colors of this. Again, with shorts or a skirts, this will be perfect for summer. It’s very plain and simple and great for any casual outfit.

Grey, sheer print work out top (H&M)

I bought this top in Amsterdam when I went shopping their one day after finishing a bit early at work. I was skeptical initially because it’s sheer, but I tried it on and it actually looked good. I love it so much now, that I ordered myself a new one from their website a few days ago.

Grey sweat pants shorts (H&M)

I bought these shorts on a whim. I don’t actually plan on wearing these for working out, but for wearing around the house. I was missing a pair of lounging pants for summer.

Purple-y gray hooded sweater (H&M)

Now this I actually did buy for working out. I always wore the same hoodie to the gym and I had had it for so long that it was time for a replacement. I fell in love with this color and have been wearing it ever since.

Black tight running shorts (H&M)

And finally H&M brought in these babies: the short version of their running pants. I had been wanting a pair of work out shorts ever since I started buying work out clothes in January. However, they didn’t have them yet. The minute they did I picked up a pair. I haven’t tried these yet while working though. So not sure how comfy they are yet.

That’s it! My casual & basics shoplog. Stay tuned for a new shoplog next week. Because I have plenty of other things to blog about in the mean time. 😉 What’s your last purchase?

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