New in: 5 pan Inglot freedom system palette

One thing I did during the past few weeks where I have had 4 weeks all to myself is shop. I didn’t shop all that much considering the time I had on my hands and so an actual haul isn’t in place. One item I purchased is special enough to get its own blog post though: my new Inglot Freedom System Palette! I love Inglot eyeshadows and already own 2 palettes which I compiled myself (which you can find here and here). I decided to add another one to my collection with more of an fall/ winter theme to it and to complement the 5 pan palette I already owned. This way I now have 10 shades for fall/ winter and 10 shades for spring/ summer including a shimmery and matte highlight and some matte blending colors as well as a few more colors to make an eye look pop. Here’s what I got.

As you can see I purchased a 5 pan square shaped palette filled with 5 eyeshadows. The theme I’ve got going is purple-y dark blue colors with some neutral added to the mix. As I said in my intro: I bought this especially for it to be suitable for darker looks during the darker months of the year. Add in the fact that my favorite colors to wear are purples and dark blues (because they make my brown eyes pop) and I knew exactly what I was going for.

Matte 352, Rainbow 116R, Pearl square 420, DS 482, Pearl square 428

1. Matte 352 is a matte creamy eyeshadow that is fleshtoned. It’s perfect for a brow bone highlight and since I don’t own a go to matte highlighter from Inglot I thought this would be a nice addition.

2. Rainbow 116R is a matte trio eyeshadow in the same color family as the highlight color. I actually wanted to purchase the middle color as a single shadow, but it had sold out and so this was my next option. The two colors at the top are perfect for blending out darker colors in the crease and the very light color at the bottom is great for and inner corner highlight.

3. Pearl square 420. Don’t let it fool you! This shiny almost metallic shades looks like a blueish grey in the pan, but when swatched shows up as a silvery mauve color which pulls either purple or blue depending on how the light hits it. I was mesmerized by this shade the moment I found it. This is a perfect all over lid color or a lighter crease color.

4. DS 482 is the first accent color in the palette. A pretty sparkly purple, the picture doesn’t even begin to do this eyeshadow any justice. The sparkles are multicolored which makes this and eyeshadow very much resembling the twinkling night sky. The sparkles transfer nicely into a swatch so the quality is great too.

5. Pearl square 428 is the final shade. This shiny royal navy blue color goes on like a dream and is perfect as an accent color in any eyelook, but also as the main feature of a heavy blue-toned smokey eye.

Swatches: Matte 352, Rainbow 116R, Pearl square 420, DS 482, Pearl square 428

As you can see these eyeshadows all swatch beautifully as can be expected of Inglot eyeshadows. Even the matte colors go on like a dream and with minimal fall out. All swatches are one swipe with no primer or base.

These colors also combine nicely with my other 5 pan eyeshadow palette where there are a shimmery grey, a shimmery purple and a matte petrol and taupe which all can be combined with either one or two of these colors. The only thing I might want to do now, is buy a separate 10 pan palette to fit them all into one place. However, that’s a thing for the future. If the two palettes work this way too I’m just going to settle for this.

If you’re curious how these colors transfer onto eyes, then stay tuned as I will be posting a make up look using the entire palette later this week.

Do you own any Inglot make up?

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