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I was feeling stuck on blog ideas, and then saw this tag popping back up and thought: hey, why not do this one! This way I can say a bit about myself, and show a few of my favorite items too. What I’ve done is put one make up or clothing item (or something completely different) for each color of the rainbow, as well as pink, multicolor and black and white. On to the tag!

1. Red

The obvious choice for a red item would be a lipstick or a nail polish and I went with a lipstick. Not just any lipstick though, but my favorite orange-toned red lipstick from Topshop. It’s a full on matte lipcolor that lasts for hours and has quickly become one of my favorites. The color is called Rio Rio and I’m definitely going to check out more Topshop lipstick. And of course it has to be an orange-toned red. I’m still obsessed with it.

2. Orange

For orange I went with my current favorite hand creme by Sally Hansen. I was gifted this Nails & Cuticles hand creme at the Beautygloss event I went to last April and have been loving this and I am thinking of purchasing a full size. It is quickly absorbed by the skin, smells nice and does what a hand creme should do.

3. Yellow

I wrecked my brain over this one! Yellow isn’t exactly my favorite color, so I don’t have too many items lying about with that color. These cough drops by Strepsils however, are my all time favorite remedy to minor sore throats, hoarseness, and any other throat problems. Which as a teacher isn’t very uncommon: you talk a lot and especially the first two weeks after vacations your voice gets affected by all the talking you have to do. The Honey & Lemon flavor is by far my favorite as I think it lasts longer than any of the others and it’s sweet and a little tangy.

4. Green

I’m not big on face masks. Oftentimes I simply forget about them. The one time I do remember to use them is when I keep getting spots and find my pores are super clogged. And that’s where my green item comes in. This avocado & oatmeal clay mask by Freeman is my remedy for skin that isn’t in its best shape. It purges pores (when it dries you can actually see the gunk that is sucked out of them) and leaves your skin clean, fresh and soft, as it doesn’t dehydrate my skin.

5. Blue

For blue I had to no problem thinking of an item. I purchased this electric blue nail polish from H&M last summer when I was shopping in The Hague with my friend Alison and I absolutely love it. It’s creamy, it’s a bright flash of color and since it’s blue it goes with anything. Blue my mind will definitely get your nails noticed.

6. Indigo

When reading other people’s tags, it seemed that many people struggled with finding an item that was indigo. Indigo isn’t simply blue: it’s a deep midnight blue with a slightly purple undertone. Years ago, when I first started working my job in Breda, I used to go shopping there after work. It was there that I found the perfect pair of sensible dark blue shoes in this indigo pair from Tango. All other dark blue pairs just screamed ‘flight attendant’ to me, while these, as they aren’t navy but indigo are just that much special. Fun fact: it’s the first pair of shoes that cost more than 50 euros for which I paid full price.

7. Violet

Again a not so easy color to pick for, as purple is still quite doable, but violet is a bit harder to come by. Luckily for me, I have had this Dior 5-eyeshadow palette in Midnight Butterfly for a few years. It is one of my favorite palettes to use in fall and winter. The colors simply complement each other very well and the violet paired with a soft lavender and almost burgundy shade is something I have never seen before in any other palettes. This is also one of my oldest make up items: I bought this way back when I first got into make up 6 years ago.

8. Pink

Not a color of the rainbow, but definitely a color worth mentioning. I chose the Magic 1 second nail polish remover by Bourjois. This is one of the more expensive instant nail polish removers that consists of a jar filled with a sponge soaked in water. But what I liked about this one over the others is the scent. This one has a fruity sweet smell to it, which is simply so much better than the repugnant smell of traditional nail polish removers. I also find it is less harsh on my dry and brittle nails. I’m just hoping that’s because of the almond oil which is allegedly in this nail polish remover.

9. Multicolor

A surprise to me was the fact that I couldn’t really think of any multicolored items. I simply don’t have that many. So I went with this loose fitted & oversized blazer from Vero Moda instead. I bought this for *drum roll please* €7.50 in the summer sale last July. €7.50!!!! Granted it’s an extra large and a bit big on, but with the sleeves rolled up and a pair of fitted bottoms this blazers adds a great pop of color. with its tropical floral print in pink, peach yellow and turquoise.

10. Black & White

Last but not least: black & white. This cardigan was a no brainer. I bought this speckeled knitted cardigan during the winter sale from Mango last winter and I have been wearing it ever since. I could live in this thing: it’s comfy, it’s soft, it’s warm. What else do you need? To me this definitely a fall/ winter staple item. The black & white makes it so easy to combine with any other items and always adds an extra layer of warmth.

Feel free to do the tag as well if you haven’t done so already. I’m curious to read what you came up with.

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  1. Jeetje die lipstick, zo intens en mooi! Ik moest een beetje giechelen om de Strepsils, tot ik me bedacht dat ik eigenlijk ook geen leuke gele fashion- of beauty items heb, dus Strepsils for the win!

    • Topshop lipsticks zijn erg fijn ja. Blijft ook lekker lang zitten. Ik heb letterlijk 2 gele kledingstukken. En wat nagellak maar niet dat ik zeg: jaaa favoriet item.

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