High end lipsticks #1: Chanel

Today I’m bringing you the first part of a two part post featuring some high end lipsticks that I bought over the past 6 months or so. First up is Chanel and tomorrow will be devoted to Dior. I bought these lipsticks on discounts from the high end drugstore where they quite often have deals where you get two lipsticks for the price of just over one of these expensive babies. Because at over 30 euros a pop, these aren’t the type of products you just buy on a whim. So I went and swatched and swatched, swatched again and bought a creamy pink and bright red color. Meet Le Baiser & Coromandel.

Left: Rouge Coco Hydrating Creme Lip Colour in no. 54 Le Baiser

Right: Rouge Allure Luminous Intense Lip Colour in no. 93 Coromandel

*** I apologize in advance for the missing of pictures of these lipsticks on my actual lipsticks. ***

First up is Coromandel. Coromandel is a orange toned red with a creamy texture and a fairly good staying power. I’d say it survives 4 – 6 hours of wear but does need to be reapplied in the center of your lips after a meal or a drink. Applying is a bit problematic: the top of the lipstick is a bit wide, which makes it hard for me to make a perfect line with just the lipstick. With a color like this, any mistakes quickly make you look like a clown so caution is needed with application. The color however, is amazing and I have been receiving many compliments when wearing this.

The main selling point for this lipstick, is not the quality or the color. Sure, those were factors that drew me in at first. But, the reason why I went for this lipstick in particular is the packaging. After taking it out of its box, a sleek black container is revealed with a gold top with the famous Chanel logo embossed into it. The way this packaging works is not like ordinary lipsticks: you press the gold top and the lipstick pops out. Like a little present. Time after time after time. And now be honest ladies: who doesn’t like getting a mini present every time you open your make up drawer???

The second lipstick I went for is Le Baiser: a moisturizing lipstick with a full on pink color. Much less impressive on the packaging side than its sister, but still a very luxurious and alluring. On my lips this lipstick comes off quite natural. It is a great every day color. You can see it in action in my profile picture on the right.And that’s exactly why I purchased this lipstick: because I good wearable pink is something I didn’t own yet. Bright pinks, yes, but a more neutral girly color? Nope. So it makes a good addition to my lipstick family.

The lasting power of this lipstick is, despite its creamy texture, spot on. It wears off nicely and you can definitely go 6 hours without reapplying this. It does stain cups and anything you eat, but because the color isn’t super out there, the wearing off is not as noticeable as with Coromandel. I recommend this lipstick if you’re looking for a great color that will suit many skin tones, can complete any look and is always work appropriate.

Swatches: as you can see these lipsticks are opaque and creamy. Chanel may just have gotten themselves a new lipstick fan. What about you?

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