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I just realized I have never done anything like this before: have you, my readers, ask me questions. It just never occurred to me to do one. Just the other night I was fiddling around with my blog a little bit when I saw that over 300 (!!) people are following my blog. Say whut?!


When I started blogging, I had never imagined to a) keep going for as long as I have and b) to have people actually read my blogs and follow me. So I am forever grateful for your time and attention. And since my April poll showed that many of you wanted me to get a bit more personal on here, I thought: why not have you ask me things.

So here’s how it’s going to work:

You can leave your question in a comment below. You can ask questions in English or in Dutch. I will translate your questions for the final post. I have no clue yet when I will have the post up, but I am aiming for some time before the end of this month. So you have until November 28th to ask your questions and then I can hopefully have the post up on the 30th.

Thanks again for reading my blog. If you’d like to follow this space you can do so via bloglovin’ or email. If you’d like a peek inside my daily life, you can find me on Instagram (@indiequeen84) and Twitter (@indiequeen84). The latter is with friends request only.

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