What’s in my fridge?

I went and got groceries, filled up my fridge and thought: hey! Let’s take pictures of this for the blog! And so here you are looking at what I store in my fridge. I figured some of you might like to see this, as I’m still on my no wheat/ gluten, less dairy, less sugar way of living. Instead of boring you with a 1000 word epistle on how I’m doing on all those areas, I thought I’d show you in pictures.

The entire contents of my fridge

Et voila: that is my fridge. It’s tiny, but it suffices just fine for me, myself and I. I generally get groceries once a week, on Saturday’s and I had just stuffed this baby after my weekly trip. I mainly keep perishables in my fridge. So that means all fruit and veg, even ones that I know you shouldn’t exactly keep in your fridge. My kitchen gets really warm either from the central heating (as the only heater for the kitchen, bathroom and hallway is in the kitchen) or from the sun. So I don’t keep any food out, because any fruit will ripen too fast for me to eat it. Now let’s have a closer look.

My first two shelves usually contain dairy and meat. The higher up you go up in my fridge the colder it gets due to it being close to my freezer. If I keep fruit too close it will go bad very quickly. Top shelf there are some olives, butter, cheese, Greek yoghurt, a pumpkin and some fresh parsley. Bottom shelf you will find grapes, baby tomatoes, apples (behind the grapes), a cucumber and eggs. I do still eat cheese and eggs and I have Greek yoghurt for breakfast almost every morning. I do try to go for goat’s cheese these days, but when my favorite cumin cheese was on sale, I just couldn’t pass that up.

On to the fresh produce! Lower in my fridge I keep most of my fruit and veg. There’s mushrooms, fresh spinach, alfalfa sprouts, and a pineapple on my bottom shelf. In the two drawers I keep bigger fruit and veg: bananas and underneath that there are some oranges. On the right there’s a bag of scraped baby carrots, a mango, an onion and below that half a head of cauliflower and half of a red cabbage. I love how my supermarket halves the bulkier veggies such as cabbages and cauliflower. It’s way too much if you’re by yourself. My half red cabbage will make me 4 servings.

On to the freezer. It’s tiny so I have to make most of my meals fresh. However I always keep a few meals and other bits and bobs for easy access when I run out of things. I always keep frozen spinach (great in smoothies, omelets or straight up with some cream cheese), as well as a type of frozen fruit for smoothies. Right now I also keep some kale (don’t know if it’s the right kind though, apparently there’s kale and then there’s kale), some hummus and frozen leftover veggie soup.

Last stop: my door, where I mostly keep sauces and liquids. Coconut milk has become a staple in my fridge since this summer. It’s a great substitute in smoothies and other recipes. I’m still trying out combinations though. A small jar of sharp mustard, garlic sauce, some more Greek yoghurt and capers round up the first shelf. The garlic sauce is wheat free (hooray!) but still bad as it has a bunch of sugar. I don’t use it often though: usually I throw these bottles out before I finish them. Bottom shelf there’s instant lemonade (which I only drink in summer really), a small bottle of Coke Light, almond milk, coconut water (have yet to try it!) and my new discovery: organic carrot juice. With some freshly squeezed orange juice, it makes a great pre-breakfast drink.

That’s what’s in my fridge. What’s in yours?

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  1. Wat een leuke post! Ik vind het interessant om in je koelkast te mogen gluren. Hier is de koelkast altijd vrij leeg omdat we vrijwel elke dag of om de dag boodschappen doen.

    • Nou ja mijn ‘lekkers’ bestaat vaak uit druiven en nootjes. Ik koop doordeweeks op het station 1x iets ‘slechts’, meestal chocola. Zo houd ik het een beetje binnen de perken.

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