November favorites (2013)

It’s that time of the month again: it’s nearing the end. And what a November it’s been. Starting with 2 weeks of non-stop grading due to exam weeks, the craziness finally died down slowly. Followed by teaching and the picking up of my gym routine, I got my life back on track. I also went to a few concerts: Volcano Choir, Johnny Flynn & The Sussex Wit and one day of Song Bird Festival. The latter included performances by James Vincent McMorrow, Orlando, Tom Odell, Marcus Foster and Jack Savoretti. All in all it’s been a crazy month, and it’s come to a rough end: for the past week I’ve been dealing with a nasty flu. It seemed gone after 2 days, only to come back, packing twice the punch. I therefore apologize for any mistakes in this post as I am typing this up while I’m running a fever. Let’s get cracking!

1.) Live music

Johnny Flynn & The Sussex Wit live @ Bitterzoet

It had been ages since I got my concert fix. In fact, this year I didn’t attend all that many concerts because a) nothing too swell was on and b) I was too busy. So I had some catching up to do and went to 3 shows in 8 days. Hearing music live is just the best and with my now working in Amsterdam I’m super close to my usual venues.

2.) A ‘new’ breakfast

Excuse the messy picture! But I have discovered a new breakfast: first a glass of juice and than followed by overnight ‘oats’ with superfood mix and extra nuts. The juice you see here is coconut/ pineapple juice but I’ve also been digging an orange/carrot juice mixture. I drink this first thing when I’m at home and have the other part on the train. It’s a new thing I’m trying which I read about in a book on food combining and so far so good! I say overnight ‘oats’ because mine actually doesn’t contain oats at all. It’s 2 tbls of flaxseeds, 2 tbls of chia seeds, 2 tbls of quinoa flakes and 1 – 2 tbls of cocoa nibs. I stir it up in 3 tbls of Greek yoghurt which I dilute with water. This way I’m filled till lunch time but since I don’t eat it straight after I get out of bed I can actually manage it.

3.) Boardwalk Empire

I started watching this last week when I got sick and I have to say I’m hooked. It helps that I’ve got absolutely nothing better to do, but this show is so good. It takes a while to get into as there are many different characters that you have to get to know, but once you do it’s awesome. Telling of the dealings of Nucky Thompson, the corrupt manager of Atlantic City in the 1920s during the Prohibition, it gives great insights into the 1920s era in the US. If you like a mixture of panhandling crooks with a dose of romance set against a pretty accurate display of American history.

4.) Origins GinZing moisturizer

I told you about my night time skincare routine on Wednesday, but this item has quickly made its way into my day time skincare routine. It smells fresh (citrus!) and feels amazing, plus I’ve been using it for a month and no allergic reaction. If it takes me through the winter without too much dryness, I’ll be sure to write a review. But for now I can say I love this stuff.

5.) Cut out boots

These cut out boots are from New Look and I bought them last September and I’ve been wearing them non-stop this month. I wear them with skirts, dresses: they go with everything and are so comfortable. One of the best buys of the season fashion wise.

6.) Pale blush

Come fall, I have a tendency to bring out my paler, cooler toned blush colors. This one by MAC in Azalea is a special favorite of mine come this time of year. It doesn’t show up much, but since I have a tendency to wear darker eye looks as well as lip colors in the fall, these type of muted blushes suit the look a lot better.

7.) London Grammer – If You Wait

This album has been playing all month. I just love her voice so much and the music is quite relaxing, which after a busy day, I like to play most. My favorite: the title track If You Wait, which I, unfortunately, could not find anywhere. So go out, buy it (it’s probably on Itunes) and enjoy! Make sure you get the acoustic version though and not the remix!

8.) Eyeshadow as eyeliner

Last but not least, I’m not much of an eyeliner type of girl, and when I wear it I like it to be subtle. And this month I’ve been digging the look of a well-pigmented eyeshadow to achieve just that. The eyeshadow you see above is a discontinued eyeshadow by Benefit called Fishnets and it’s the most pigmented eyeshadow you’ll ever find. Too much for a standard eyelook, but fantastic in its use as eyeliner. Plus it can be smudged out easily for a more smoky look. I’m a fan.

What are your favorites this month?

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