Favorites of 2013: Beauty

In the line of favorites of 2013, I present to you my favorite beauty products of 2013. Some of these products I’ve written reviews on, others you may never have seen on this blog before. I don’t know why, but beauty products are things I tend to try and then forget about. By the time I’ve decided I like it, I’m halfway through a jar, making pictures for reviews not so pretty and by the time I’ve finished a jar/ bottle/ spray can I’ve moved on to trying something else. There’s just so much out there! That’s why I try to incorporate these into my monthly favorites as much as I can and give mini reviews when possible. These are my 10 favorite beauty products of 2013.

Soap & Glory hand & body products

I bought myself a few Soap & Glory products to try after I got home from London in October and I’ve been loving every single one I’ve tried. The body butter in the picture doesn’t only have a thick consistency and nourishes your skin, but also smells absolutely delicious. I’m bummed I went with mini sizes rather than the full size versions. Next time!

L’Oreal Studio Line Volume Texturizing Spray

My most recent acquisition and immediate favorite that it had to go into the end of year list. My hair tends to go pretty limp after a day of wear. Before I would simply whip it up in a ponytail, but with this stuff I can easily wear my hair down another day. You simply spray some on dry hair, squeeze with your hands and POOF volume!

HEMA Eye Make Up Cleansing Oil

After Sephora left the Netherlands in June, it took my favorite eye make up remover with it. I had a bottle left as a back up, but I knew it would be handy if I could find an alternative. This remover is not only cheap at only €1.80, it also does the job and knows how to take care of waterproof make up after a long day. I have a different remover ready to try out, but it will be difficult to beat this one.

Ecoco make up remover glove

I hate washing my face with water. It dries out my skin and washcloths are too coarse for my sensitive skin. Until I met this baby! Its microfibre structure ensures a gentle removal of any cleanser and it has made my life a lot easier. I especially like to use this to remove face masks.

John Frieda Go Blonder spray

I love the Go Blonder line, but my absolute favorite product is the Go Blonder Spray. I wrote a review about this a year ago and still love it. I still use the shampoo, but the spray is what makes all the difference. I use it more over summer, but right now in winter I use it once or twice a month to keep up my blonde hair. I have naturally blonde hair, but it darkens so much during winter time that I look like I had a dye job gone wrong. So I use it to lighten it a bit and in summer, in combination with sunlight, it makes my hair so much blonder than before.

Decubal facial foaming cleanser

Another oldie, but goodie which I reviewed last January. The packaging has changed slightly, but it still works like a charm. This is the gentlest of cleansers out there and I still use it several times a week. It’s foaming texture and non-dehydrating properties make this a must for anyone with dry, dehydrated and/ or sensitive skin. It is free of added perfume and parabens.

Redken All Soft Argan-6

Argan oil for that extra bit of conditioning after you’ve washed your hair. I’ve been using it all year and I love this stuff. Not as much as the L’oreal Elvive hair oil in last year’s favorites, but almost as much. The fact that I’ve pretty much used this up over the course of one year should suffice as an indication. I put this in my ends and it makes them less frizzy, and keeps my hair nourished and shiny looking for longer.

Origins Ginzing moisturizer

Featured in last month’s favorites and here it is again. This stuff is simply the best! I love how it moisturizes my skin without giving me freaky side effects. By far, this is the best skincare product I’ve tried all year. The smell, the texture and what it does for my skin combined makes this a great product that I highly recommend to anyone looking to give their skin a bit extra.

Balenciaga Florabotanica perfume

You know how some people have a signature scent? Well I never did, until this year! I bought this perfume with a gift voucher and fell in love. I wear it all the time and I now wish I’d have bought a bigger bottle. Don’t know what perfume to pick? I pick this one. Without fail. Every time. It’s perfect for any time and every season. It’s fresh and warm at the same time. It’s very me and it last forever on you skin. Go smell it if you haven’t yet!

Lush Angels on Bare Skin

Last but not least, I give you my favorite facial scrub. Because that’s how I like to use it. Me and this product go way back and my review stems from 2011. I still use it a few times a week whenever I feel my skin can use a bit of an extra cleanse. Ever since I started using this, I have fewer black heads, spots and yet it doesn’t dry out my skin or give me bad allergic reactions. It’s a bit messy to work with, but if you use it in your shower that mess will simply wash away and you’ll have no problems cleaning up.

What are your favorite beauty products of 2013?

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  1. Oh, more favorites! I love these posts (just wrote one myself). I have not heard of any of these products except for the Origins moisturizers, I absolutely love their products! I used their White Tea moisturizer for the longest time. My favorite beauty products of 2013 are a curl moisturizer, but also a microfibre towel for my hair as well as my new Lush lip scrub!

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