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Tag time! I found this tag on FleurdeForce’s youtube channel when she started this tag a few weeks ago. I thought it would be fun to try it as it’s something different from the usual beauty tag. Time for fashion and a peak in my closet/ wardrobe. What is my biggest regret? Most expensive item? Biggest bargain? Read on to find out!

1.) What is the oldest item in your wardrobe/ closet?

Green blazer (Only)

Black lace skirt (Only)

That would be a tie between these two items. I bought these items over 8 years ago and I bought them from the same store on the same day. I don’t necessarily wear them all that often anymore, but occasionally I do. The skirt was the first skirt I remember buying and same thing for the blazer. The blazer is made out of wool, of a nice quality and super warm. I remember using this as outerwear when I first got it.

2.) What is the newest item?

Chenille cardigan (H&M)

As you could see in my December Favorites, I have a thing for all things fluffy at the moment. Buying this fluffy cardigan was thus a no-brainer. It’s warm, soft and versatile: perfect for throwing over dresses, t-shirts and blouses. I also have a thing for all things beige/ white/ cream. So this is a win-win combination.

3.) What is the most expensive item?

Dr. Marten’s (no laces and fully lined with faux sheep’s skin)

Floral/ Japanese print loose fitted blazer (ZARA)

I think the word expensive is quite a relative concept. Not only because what is expensive to one person might be cheaper to another, but I also find that I am willing to spend more on certain items than I am on other things. The first picture shows a pair of shoes and that is hands down the most expensive item I own. At 160 euros, these boots didn’t come cheap, but they are the warmest, best boots for winter time. As they are lined with faux sheep’s skin this boot has all the warmth of UGGs, but since they’re Dr. Marten they are also sturdy and easy to clean after walking around with them in the snow. I bought these 3 years ago, one day before it started snowing and I haven’t looked back since.

The blazer isn’t the most expensive item in my wardrobe, but it was definitely a buy that was more expensive compared to the usual amount I’d spent on a blazer. Let alone one that is very much in line with last summer’s fashion trends and not my usual cup of tea. At almost 80 euros, this isn’t even a cheap blazer. However, when I tried this on I just loved it. I initially put it back, but went back later to see if they still had it and got it. Best. Summer. Blazer. Ever.

4.) What is the cheapest/ most affordable item that you wear/ use a lot?

Canvas shoes (Primark)

The fact that this question stipulates you to choose something you use often, definitely narrows down the playing field of this question. I shop mostly at not so expensive places, with H&M being my favorite by far, so I have plenty of affordable items in my wardrobe. The item that isn’t only affordable but also gets a lot of wear, are these Primark shoes. At €4 these shoes are the perfect pair of easy to throw on shoes. Right now it’s a tad too cold for them, but in spring & summer I just put these on when I am walking anywhere that isn’t too far away or as a pair of flats to take with me to work so I can switch out of my heels when my feet get tired. So yes, these get worn a lot and cost next to nothing.

5.) What is the biggest bargain?

Military style jacket (Fornarina)

I am not much of a brand name girl, but sometimes those are the items you can get the best deals on. I still remember buying this! The original price of this jacket was 200 or 250 euros. I’d never in my life pay that much for an unlined jacket that is only suitable for transitional autumn and springlike weather. However, sale was on and the jacket was 50% off. So it came down to €100. I also had giftcard and then the people I was shopping with had an additional discount card. I ended up paying a mere €27.50 for this jacket. I’ve had it for years and still wear it.

6.) What was the biggest waste of money?

Black leather studded brogues (ZARA)

Cool aren’t they? They are even made of real leather, which is soft and pliable. And I bought them on sale (marked down at €30 from €100). So what’s the fuzz you might think! Well, these are the most uncomfortable pair of shoes I own. First of all the soles are very slippery as they are entirely smooth. One drop of rain and these things cause you to slip and slide wherever you go. But that’s not the main issue. These babies hurt like there is no tomorrow. The back of the heel literally digs into the back of my foot. The result: no blisters oh no… A chunk of skin gone within one hour of wearing them. Even band aids cannot forego the pain. If you have any tips on how I can fix this so I can wear these, than please leave a comment below.

Bonus: Show three of your favorite items right now

Paisley print sweater (H&M), Dr Marten black 1461, 90s floral skater dress (ASOS)

My 3 favorite items of the moment have to be these! I have already broken in these Dr. Marten’s since I got them in London last October. That’s how much I’ve worn them! Dresses are still my thing  and the dark floral of this dress combined with the sweetheart neckline make this one my current favorite. And what can I say? I love all things paisley print and this H&M men’s sweater doesn’t only fit nicely, it’s also super comfy.

Feel free to take over the tag if you’d like to do it! I hope you enjoyed this post and leave a comment below.

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