DiorSkin Nude foundation

And foundation review no. 2! My first high end foundation and one that I bought after finishing a little sample jar. I knew before I bought the full size that it wouldn’t break me out and that I would like the coverage and look and feel of this foundation. However, now that I do have the full size, I thought it would be a good foundation for a review as I could only find a hand full of them online. This baby costs a pretty dime, so if you’re curious why I shelled out the money or if you’ve ever considered this foundation but didn’t know whether it works and is worth the money: keep on reading.

DiorSkin Nude Skin-Glowing foundation in 010 Ivory (with SPF 15)

Let’s first have a look at the packaging. As with any Dior product I have ever owned the packaging is absolutely sublime. The foundation comes in a dark blue box with the letters CD embossed on the front. The product itself comes in a sturdy and heavy feeling glass flask. This foundation comes in 12 different shades of which I bought the lightest color: 010 Ivory. You get 30 ml, a standard amount for foundation, and it will set you back around 45 euros. I bought mine with a discount though, so make sure you check offers at your local store before you buy this.

Another handy thing about this foundation is that it comes with a pump which gives you the right amount of product in one go to cover your entire face. It’s clean, hygienic and handy. I just put one pump of this one the back of my hand and I apply it with a make up brush to my face. The instructions on the back say to shake the foundation before use.

This is what Dior have to say:

Some information on the packaging…

Emblematic of the range, this light, melting foundation has become a cult product. It provides a subtle velvet finish with just the right amount of correction, revealing the skin’s texture and adding natural, shine-free radiance for a perfect natural glow.

It is available in  radiance-enhancing specialised shades that use translucence and half tones to adjust to every complexion, for an even more natural result in every light.

Its formula is enriched with natural skin care ingredients for more beautiful and radiant skin, day after day.

The foundation is supposed to be hydrating and give you a natural looking effect with enough coverage to cancel out redness and give you glowing skin. The formula is composed of mineralized water that should not only provide you with coverage but also take care of your skin. The product also contains pigments that prevent a mask like effect and has an SPF 15.

I hope you now see why this foundation sparked my interest. My skin type is dehydrated/ combination skin with a fair amount of redness and unevenness. I don’t have many blemishes or anything that needs very heavy coverage so I like my foundations to give me some coverage but keep it natural at the same time. And let me tell you: this foundation does just that!

Swatches: a dot of foundation, smeared out, blended into my skin

Moving on to texture, feel, color and coverage. This foundation isn’t too thick, but not watery thin either. It has a creamy texture that is easily spread out and blended into the skin. I use this with my Sigma F82 Round Kabuki brush and I find the combination works like a charm. The foundation does not go on streaky, but like Dior says, ‘melts’ into the skin. It feels good, and like I said in my intro: it did not give me any allergic reactions. Since it’s hydrating this foundation also does not highlight any of the drier areas around my nose and it doesn’t feel cakey. In fact, I simply forget I am wearing any foundation when I’m wearing this.

The lightest color, 010 Ivory, is spot on for my skin tone. I have some red in my skin, but a yellow toned foundation often makes me look sick, and I find this has enough pink to prevent that, but enough yellow to cover up the red. It’s a very nice balance and a very neutral toned foundation. More importantly: it is also light enough for me, which is often a problem for me with many foundation ranges. The coverage is just what I need and the foundation isn’t too shiny nor is it completely matte either. I think Dior’s description of a ‘velvet’ finish is spot on. In addition, the lasting power is pretty good too. I can wear this all day with a tiny bit of powder on my t-zone and be absolutely fine without touching up for 6 – 8 hours, which covers a working day.

Nothing – foundation on the left side of my face – full face (no powder or other make up)

And this is what it looks like on. I apologize for the slightly yellowish tinted pictures, but when I made them lighter the effect of the foundation wasn’t visible. On the left you can see some redness on my chin, my cheeks and the tip of my nose. I am also sporting some dark circles under my eyes and my red mark over my right eyebrow is very visible. Enter picture no. 2: there is a clear difference between the left side and right side of my face. The left side looks a bit more glowing and more evened out. Full face the full effect of this product is seen best: the redness of my skin is toned down to the point where it is barely noticeable and even my dark circles and red spot have been toned down to near noticeable proportions. The shade is spot on and the finish is natural and not makeupy at all!

So what’s my final verdict? If one could fall in love with a foundation, I think I just might have. Yes, this foundation is expensive, but to me that is the only downside to this product. The way this product works, feels and looks is absolutely beautiful. The texture is thick enough to cover things up, yet light enough to prevent cakeyness. The shade is perfect for my fair skin tone and it works like a charm with my dehydrated/ combination skin. I find it a joy to wear the DiorSkin Nude foundation as it’s the perfect base for my make up. If I run out of this product, then I will definitely repurchase.

What high end foundation(s) have you tried?

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