What I eat #14

As we speak, it’s been just over a year since I found out that wheat and I aren’t exactly the best of friends. As a result of that, I started digging deeper into what food means and what are actual healthy food choices. I made some rigorous changes to my diet with I cataloged by posting my meals on here. There are times when I’m not to strict with my diet, but every time I do so, I am rewarded with cramps, stomach pains and other uncomfortable stuff. So generally I am still on a mostly wheat and gluten free, low carb diet. I avoid grains as much as possible as well as additional refined sugars. There is the occasional cheat meal in there still, but overall I’m doing pretty okay with it. Here’s what I’ve been eating in the past 6 weeks.

1.) Breakfast:

Top: buckwheat porridge with banana, flaxseeds, cocoa nibs, superfood mix and walnuts with a cup of tea

Bottom: Greek yoghurt with superfood mix and extra walnuts

Banana – egg pancakes with flaxseeds, cocoa nibs and warm blackberries and a drizzle of honey

For breakfast I’ve been keeping things fairly simple. As usual I have some yoghurt with superfood mix (goji berries, inca berries, mulberries, cranberries and raw cashew nuts) with some extra nuts with a cup of tea. On Sunday’s I tend to have a bigger breakfast since I generally get up later. So porridge or pancakes it is.

2. Lunch:

Top: Tuna salad w/ lettuce, cucumber, olives and cherry tomato

Bottom: watercress salad with trout and alfalfa sprouts

Top: Salad with soft goat’s cheese, alfalfa sprouts, lettuce, cucumber, raisins, walnuts and a sprinkle of honey

Bottom: Easy mozzarella salad with lettuce, cucumber, cherry tomato, olives and mozzarella

Top: spinach calzone omelet with goat’s cheese on the inside and bacon on the side

Bottom: 2 eggs with goat’s cheese, sauteed mushrooms and bacon

For lunch I’m either having salads or eggs. Though eggs I also tend to have for dinner or breakfast, so it all depends on my mood. I’ve been digging fairly simple salads lately, with no more than a handful of ingredients. I am also trying to eat more fish, so I’ve decided that it would be nice to have that with my salad.

3.) Dinner:

Top: Stuffed zucchini boats with steak of tartar, sweet potato, bell pepper and mushrooms

Bottom: Pasta with left over ingredients from the dish above and lots of grated mature cheese

Top: Cajun chicken with green asparagus tips in a pepper cream sauce

Bottom: lamb sausages with haricot verts seasoned with pepper and nutmeg

When I have fish for lunch, I tend to have meat for dinner. I only tend to cook one or two nights a week though, so that’s also how often I eat meat. The other days I may have a salad, yoghurt or rice cakes. Since I’m still at home from work, I can go with either a big lunch or a big dinner, but not both as I simply don’t do enough in a day to justify eating that much food.

4.) Smoothies:

Green smoothie ingredients & end result. I ended up not using the coconut milk, and used about one cup of water in the end.

Ingredients: 1 big handful of fresh kale, 1 banana, 250 grams of fresh pineapple, 2 tablespoons of flaxseeds, 1 teaspoon spirulina, 1 teaspoon beepollen and one cup of water. I topped it off with 2 teaspoons of chia seeds.

Two more smoothies: blueberry & raspberry. Both with spinach and coconut milk. I don’t remember what gave the blueberry one it’s murky color.

I’ve also been experimenting a bit more with making green smoothies. I have now officially ventured into using kale in my smoothies. My only problem: I love using berries in smoothies. And the combination of green & red makes for some gruesome looking drinks. As you can see one of them came out grey and I made one last week that came out brown. Oh well, they may not look great, they did taste awesome! As for other experiments: I’ve also started adding spirulina, bee pollen and chia seeds to all my smoothies. Oh and I’ve started using coconut milk instead of regular milk, yoghurt or almond milk. I find that coconut milk has a very pleasant texture and flavor for making smoothies!

Anything here you’d like to try?

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