Catrice All Matt Plus foundation

The item in my budget make up shoplog I was most curious about, was the Catrice All Matt Plus foundation in 010 Light Beige. Since the end of last year I’ve been on a foundation trial kick. I already tried a Dior one and a L’Oreal one, but nothing super duper budget proof. I had heard plenty of people raving about this affordable foundation which should provide a decent amount of coverage and not be super duper dark. I’ve heard of people who love this stuff so much that they prefer it over high end brand foundations. My main concerns were the color and whether my allergy prone sensitive skin would be able to cope. Read more below to find out what I think.

Catrice All Matt Plus Shine Control foundation 010 Light Beige

The packaging of this foundation is a sturdy glass bottle with a matte finish. Clever as this is supposed to be a matte foundation. For a budget brand this packaging is super sleek and professional looking. If I were to see this bottle between high end foundation it would definitely not stick out like a sore thumb. The only thing that is annoying is the sticky tape to secure the lid of the bottle so no one can use it in the store. On the one hand: cool, because you’ll know your bottle has never been touched. On the other: meh, just meh.

One plus about this foundation is that it comes with a pump. No messy business. I do find that the nozzle gives you quite a bit of product. So you can easily have to much on the back of your hand. But other than that it works properly and handy.

What Catrice has to say:


The perfect basis for this season’s make-up looks: a matt complexion. The All Matt Plus – Shine Control Make Up controls unwanted shine – all day long. Its silky texture is oil-free and offers great coverage to make little skin imperfections visibly disappear. At the same time, light-reflecting pigments ensure a silky-matt and flawless finish – without a mask-like effect. Dermatologically tested. Ideal in combination with the All Matt Plus – Shine Control Powder.

Hydrating. Mattifying. Anti-shine. Longlasting. Catrice promises quite a bit here. But it is what made me buy it. A typical work day for me lasts from 7 to 7 so I need a foundation that needs as little touching up as possible. I have fairly dry skin and don’t often get shiny, so that’s not necessarily something I’m looking for. However, a hydrating foundation is. Also because my skin is on the dry side it can quickly look dull so any reflection to liven up my complexion is welcome. Catrice also promises ‘great coverage’ but only for ‘little skin imperfections’. Shouldn’t have to cover major breakouts, but a little bit of redness should be part of the deal. Alright, time to see how all these promises hold up.

One pump of foundation on the back of my hand – blending… – and voilá!

As you can see from that little squirt on the back of my hand, this foundation has a thick, creamy texture. You notice it also when you blend it out. It feels more like a thick cream and isn’t watery at all. It has a pleasant feel to it, no particular smell that I can detect and with a round kabuki brush this foundation goes on nicely. It gets a little bit streaky here and there, but if you just keep on blending it will eventually blend into your skin nicely. So it does require a bit of work, but it’s not something that makes me not wanting to use this foundation.

I find that this foundations has a good lasting power. Since I don’t get shiny usually, I cannot vouch for how much it controls shine, but I found it wears nicely throughout the day. Another added benefit is that I have used this on and off for a month and never has it caused me to get super itchy or any breakouts. My skin seems to like this foundation. Despite its creamy texture it doesn’t feel too heavy on the skin either and I like the finish it gives with a little dusting of powder on top. On the back of my hand this foundation seems to be a good match, but of course the real test comes when we try it on the face.

Full face: nothing – left half of my face – all over

Like my usual habit, I buy the lightest color foundation from any drugstore line. I don’t look particularly pale in that first picture on the left, but that’s because I do have a good amount of redness in the center of my face. My cheeks, nose and chin are always tinted red and thus the center of my face tends to be a slightly darker color than the outer edge. In the middle picture you can see this foundation definitely makes a difference. Most of the redness in the left side of my face is gone and my skin looks more even. Finally, the full face result is a nicely evened out base that doesn’t look like a mask at all. It looks quite natural and at certain points some of the redness still peeks through. I don’t mind though, as I am not too fond of not being able to see my own skin anymore.

On to color. If you see these pictures above you’d think: wow that looks spot on! That is… with my hair down and when you look at my face from the front. It really looks like a good match, but like I said: the center of my face is darker than the outer rim and so when I took a picture from the side with my hair up, I found that it does not exactly match my neck. It’s not too bad, the shade is a tad or two darker than my own complexion and if I blend it down well enough and wear my hair down you can’t really see it. I decided to snap a shot so you can see what I mean.

jawline close up

As you can see I blended the foundation all the way down the side of my neck and there isn’t too much of a color difference (excuse the poor attempt at contouring), but it is definitely there. I’m thinking this may be a nice foundation to use during summer, but then again, in summer, I never really wear foundation as it just sweats off my face.

I really want to like this foundation. I really really do, but the color is just not spot on for me. I’m going to keep it though and try it a few times in the next couple of months to see whether it might be a better match. Or I’ll just where it when I plan on wearing my hair down.

Wearing the foundation for my 30 Day make up challenge #9 Red look

What do you think of the Catrice All Matt Plus foundation?

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  1. Jammer dat de kleur niet helemaal goed is. Ik heb deze nog nooit geprobeerd, ik gebruik zelf al jaren de photofinish versie en die werkt prima voor mij.

    • Ook geprobeerd maar die was bij mij nog donkerder en vond ik ook niet fijn zitten. Ik geloof ook dat mn huid het niet zo fijn vond. Maar is echtbal 2-3 jaar geleden dus weet het niet meer precies.

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