Lush Flying Fox shower gel

This may very well be the first review of a shower gel that I have ever written. The reason? Shower gel is such a common product to use and so many other bloggers already write about them, that I don’t find I need to add my two cents. There is one shower gel though that outperforms any shower gel I have ever used. One that I repurchase over and over. It’s Lush’ Flying Fox shower gel and today I’ll be telling you why I think it deserves to have its own review on this space.

Lush Flying Fox isn’t just any shower gel. Oh no. It is MY FAVORITE shower gel of all time. I love the scent. I love the texture. I love what it does for my skin. But best of all, I love how it helps to soothe me before bed time. Here’s what Lush says about this shower gel:

A seductive honey-rich shower gel that’s intensely nourishing and rebalances you. We’ve added a blend of essential oils to lift your mood as well as honey to help make your skin feel fabulous. This wonder ingredient helps the skin retain moisture and soothes with its antiseptic and antibacterial properties.

Ingredients & tips (in Dutch because I bought my bottle in NL)

This shower gel doesn’t come cheap. It comes in three sizes of which I have the medium 250 ml size which costs €15.20 a bottle. That’s quite a lot of money for a shower gel! But to me it’s worth every penny. There is some perfume in this shower gel and also SLS which I know some people don’t like, but I don’t really mind it. Apart from that there are several types of honey and tons of jasmin in this shower gel and some essential oils all the way at the bottom of the list. This shower gel smells floral and sweet at the same time, like a cup of Jasmin herbal tea with a boatload of honey added into the mix. That is one thing I like about this shower gel: the smell! It is so unique and unlike anything I ever smelled in another shower gel, which is one reason why I repurchase it. Before you buy this though, make sure you give it a sniff as the smell isn’t for anyone.

The bottle is made of sturdy plastic and comes with a cap lid which clicks open. You can easily squeeze out some product onto a shower puff to make it foam up and spread over your body. You will then start to smell like this delicious shower gel all over within seconds and what I love as well is that your shower will smell like it for a while afterwards as well. The scent it quite strong, but that’s not the only thing this shower gel does. Where plenty of shower gels make my skin feel dry when I get out of the shower, this shower gel most certainly moisturizes my skin and leaves a nice layer on my skin that makes my skin feel nourished and lovely.

As you can see the shower gel is quite thick and gloopy. It is also honey colored which is a nice touch. It foams up, but not too badly, which is just how I like it. Then we move on to the best part. This shower gel should come with a ‘do not use during the day’ warning. It is not just any odd scent that you can lather on at any time of day. For me, this shower gel is the ultimate bed time shower gel. I am not kidding when I say that I sleep better whenever I’ve taken a shower with this shower gel just before bed time. There is something about it, the scent and the texture, that feels like you’re getting a big warm hug and you just want to snuggle up and don’t wake up. On the bottle Lush claims it helps with PMS symptoms, as well as it being a bit of an aphrodisiac, but to me, it just helps me to unwind after a long, hard day and puts me at ease and thus helps me sleep.

In short, if you’re in search of a shower gel to help you destress and take your mind off of things, then I highly recommend this. If you don’t like the smell of honey or jasmin then I suggest you look elsewhere because the scent is very powerful. If I’d have a bathtub I would so hunt down a bathbomb with this scent because I think that may even be better than a shower. Yes, I will definitely repurchase this when my bottle runs out.

Have you ever used Flying Fox? If so, what are your thoughts?

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