Fave fashion trends

When it comes to fashion trends I am not much of a follower. I tend to try and keep up with it a bit, but when it comes to actually wearing things I’m not the first to jump on the bandwagon. Sure you cannot forego not following trends, as that’s usually what’s available in stores, but I try to make things my own as much as I can. Of the spring/ summer 2014 trends there are a few that have caught my eye and that’s what I’ll be sharing with you today.

1.) Monochrome + graphic print

In this picture:
polka dot dress (H&M)
gingham print dress (The White Pepper via ASOS)
striped skater dress (H&M)
sheer window pane button down shirt (Primark)

One of my biggest obsession this season is monochrome prints. Straight up black & white is not much my thing, but when you add in a graphic print such as polka dots, gingham checks, stripes or window pane in black & white, I will like it a lot more. I find myself gearing towards items of this type more and more. And it is served as one of my inspirations for one of my upcoming lookbooks. I like pairing these items with a pop of color: in my accessories, my shoes, my belt or with a cardigan or blazer.

2.) Sheer fabrics & low cuts

In this picture:
sheer white 3/4 length sleeve top (H&M Divided)
sheer taupe button down (H&M)
baby blue skater dress with sheer lace back panel (ASOS)
rosy pink lace dress with low cut back (New Yorker)

Spring/ summer 2014 is all about bearing a bit more skin than usual and I’m really liking it. From off the shoulder tops to sheer shirts and open backs: when worn with the right undergarments it can look very pretty. I tend to cover up with a nude tank top under sheer button downs or I use colored bandeaus and crop tops. I also use these to go with dresses with a low cut or sheer back. And I think these will go nicely with these type of items as well.

3.) Crop tops & highwaisted bottoms

In this picture:
daisy print crop top (H&M)
red skater skirt (H&M)
black tights (Primark)

Now I do not necessarily have the figure to be showing off a ton of belly, but I still like wearing crop tops. Ever since I got myself some highwaisted jeans, shorts and skater skirts I’ve been finding crop tops a lot easier to wear. I will still not be wearing these year round and I have to be careful when wearing them to work, but I can make it work in super casual outfits. Just throw on a highwaisted item of your choosing, add a crop top and you’ll be showing just a tad of mid riff.

4.) Floral print (dresses)

In this picture:
Black floral printed dress (Forever 21)
Baby blue dress with daisy print (Forever 21)
Beige floral printed dress (Forever 21)
White lace and pink floral print dress (New Look)

I love floral prints for spring & summer. From bigger prints to the far more ditsy prints that are around right now, I love it all. I have plenty of floral items in my closet, but I prefer wearing it on dresses. Especially when you pair a ditsy floral print with a flowy, girly, skater dress, you have a great combination in my opinion. And it is super spring/ summer appropriate too as the colors are cheerful and go perfectly with all the pretty flowers that start to bloom. Add on a pair of ballet flats, brogues or maybe a pair of converse sneakers and you have a great outfit.

5.) Comfy shoes

In this picture:
Nike Roshe Run (Sneakers)
Burgundy brogues (Bronx via Peppermint)
Black Dr. Marten’s 1461 (Office)
Desert boots in Wolf (Clarks)

The trend I am totally digging are comfortable shoes. Of course, the sneaker trend is definitely hip and happening and when I stumbled upon these Nike Roshe Run I fell in love. And they are so, so comfy. I live my life in brogues it sometimes seems, but these ones are a much sturdier pair than the ones I already had as those are all from Primark or Ebay. The burgundy color make them a tad more special and they’ve become a go to pair of shoes. The same goes for both my Dr. Marten’s 1461s and my desert boots by Clarks. I’ve finally broken in my Docs, so I know I will be wearing them a ton more now.

What spring/ summer 2014 trends are you loving?

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