SYOSS Restore shampoo & conditioner

I would describe my hair as being dry and brittle for the most part. My main goal for shampoo and conditioner is thus that it moisturizes my hair and doesn’t dry it out too much. For a few years I swore by John Frieda products, then switched to Aussie’s line. I really liked both, but I wasn’t consistent in my using them hence the working of the products may have been tainted by that. When I saw these SYOSS products on offer in my local drugstore I decided to give them a shot. Unfortunately Syoss’ webpage redirects me automatically to the Dutch website whatever I try so I don’t have any information apart from what I can find in Dutch on my bottles. English language information about these products can be found at if you’re not in the Netherlands.

This shampoo and conditioner are from Syoss’ Restore line and are fully called the Deep Repair Hair Bath Shampoo and Deep Repair Balsam Conditioner. Quite a mouth full but I think you get the gist of what this is supposed to do for your hair: it should restore and condition extremely damaged and brittle hair. It should less the amount of breaking hairs by 95% and prevent other damages such as split ends and a dry surface. Syoss claims to do this with a unique cellular hair restore formula containing Micronised Keratin, Concentrated Protein & Lipid Elixir. It should restore your hair and make it look shiny and new. These products are fairly affordable too: around 5 – 7 euros a bottle. Let’s look at the shampoo first and then the conditioner.

Syoss promises that the Deep Repair Hair Bath Shampoo gently cleanses your hair while restoring your hair and making it feel as good as new. On the ingredient list you will find SLS which is not such a gentle cleanser, but personally I have not had many problems with it. This shampoo also contains silicone, keratin and almond oil: the ingredients that should fulfill those wonderful promises. There is also a great deal of perfume in this product, but it does smell super nice because of it. It’s a very soft smelling scent if that makes sense and I find it very pleasant.

The shampoo itself is quite gloopy. It almost has a gel like texture and is a light golden color with tiny sparkles. It foams up nicely, but not too much and cleans my hair. It doesn’t leave you hair feeling matted or greasy, but at the same time I don’t find this feel as if it strips everything from your scalp, despite the SLS. This is by far one of the oiliest shampoos I have ever used, but without leaving a layer of oil on my head and in my hair. I do not find my hair getting greasy more quickly than with regular shampoos and I also find that my never ending frizz at the top of my head is still there, but not as badly as before. I only use shampoo on my scalp (not in the lengths) and I find that this stuff does what it is supposed to do: wash your hair while moisturizing it at the same time.

Moving on to the conditioner, or as Syoss likes to call it: the Deep Repair Balsam Conditioner. Syoss promises that this product will make your hair soft and easy to comb through. It should also restore your hair from the most extreme types of damage, with again that ‘good as new’ feel it also claims for the shampoo. I like to use this in the lengths of my hair. I squirt a good dollop of product into my hand, I rub my hands together and and comb it through my lengths. I then twist my hair up in a bun and do whatever else it is I need doing while taking my shower. The last thing I do is rinse off my hair, giving this product 3 – 5 minutes to sink in.

Where the shampoo is gloopy at best, this conditioner has a thick creamy texture like that of a thickly whipped cream. It has the same delicious smell as the shampoo and is easy to use. I tend to use less of the conditioner than the shampoo, but because I leave it in for a while, it still yields great results. I find that ever since I’ve started using this conditioner my hair has greatly improved. My lengths do not feel dry and brittle but look shiny and dare I say it: good as new.

When it comes to the steep claims Syoss makes with these products, I find that 90% of them hold true for me. These products moisturize my naturally brittle hair which has a tendency to look dull and gets splits ends easily. My hair feels like it has just been cut even months after I had my last hair cut. I do have to say that I don’t use many heat tools on my hair and try not to damage it as much as I can. I can therefore give no indication how these products perform when your hair is damaged from heat tools, the sun or the cold. However, for me, they work and that’s why I like them. I will definitely repurchase.

What is your experience with Syoss hair products?

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