NOTW: 100persand

The other day I painted my nail with one of the most stunning sand finish nail polishes I have come across in a while. Out of all the finishes that have been a rave in recent nail polish history, liquid sand is my favorite so far. I simply can’t get enough of the grainy, glittery texture. Until I attempt to remove it from my nails that is and then I’m suddenly not so happy anymore. But oh well, I love the look of textured nails and I’m especially loving the combination of the grainy texture with a light color. Enter this limited edition Catrice polish that I think is just stunning.

Catrice Luxury Lacquers Sand’Sation 100PerSandReal

Doesn’t this just look like crushed gems that have been pressed onto your nails? I personally love the almost white sheen that lies over the silver which you see in the bottle. Like glittering snowflakes or crushed ice in your summer cocktail.

You can see the texture even better in the close up. Flecks of silver and white are mixed in to create the most stunning muted glitter effect. The nail polish only needed 2 thin coats to give an opaque effect which is an added bonus. Usually lighter shades with glitter in them are a pain to get good coverage out of, but this one works like a charm. Here’s what I used:

I didn’t use a top coat as it would take away the effect of the textured finish. That did mean that this manicure lasted a not that long, but because of the light color you couldn’t see chips very easily. I think this looked nice for about 3 days on my nails. And for a textured nail polish that is a long time.

How do you feel about liquid sand polishes?

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