L’Oreal True Match foundation

My quest for a good foundation that fulfills most of my needs seems to have become a never ending search for new things to try. I love my Dior foundation, but since that’s quite expensive, finding a good drugstore alternative would be nice. A while ago, my drugstore had a discount on all L’Oreal products and I decided to buy and try their True Match foundation in the lightest shade Rose Ivory. I liked the Nude Magique Eau de Teint by L’Oreal, but the packaging is too much of a hassle for me to use it on a regular basis. True Match comes with a pump, in a nice, light shade and so I decided to make it part of my continuous search for The Perfect Foundation.

L’Oreal True Match foundation R1 C1 Rose Ivory

My main reason for buying this one is because the shade seemed light enough that it could match my skin tone. I don’t want to make another mistake and buy a foundation which is almost 4 – 5 shades too dark, even if it’s the lightest color in the range. I can’t remember what I paid for this, as I got it on offer, but it retails normally for around €15 euros. Still quite a bit for a drugstore brand, but it beats the €40+ euros of a new Dior foundation.

The packaging of this foundation is sturdy. The foundation comes in a glass bottle with a pump. The name is on the top of the cap. As I said I got the lightest shade which is R1/C1 Rose Ivory. The pump works fine and the glass bottle allows you to see how much product is left and the color shade which I like when selecting my face products.

L’Oreal put some promises on the back of the bottle. For one, the foundation should match my skin without a trace. It should look flawless, give good coverage and be easy to blend. L’Oreal also promises a your skin but better look, without cakeyness or streaking. Added bonus: this foundation contains a SPF 17, which is another added bonus.

The foundation is very thin: a dollup ends up sliding around your hand a bit so be careful when you apply this to the back of your hand before you apply it to your face. It’s is on the watery side, but in this case that’s actually a plus. The pump dispenses quite a bit of product in one go: with about half of this I can cover my entire face. And that’s because of how this blends into the skin when you start working it in. The texture feels smooth and is easy to blend, as promised. When I blend out the foundation, it goes on smoothly and does indeed look very natural and the color seems to be matching my skin tone very nicely. The lasting power of this foundation is good. In my case it lasted around 8 hours. This will definitely last you a work day or so. It does get a bit shiny after a while, but it’s nothing too bad.

no foundation – left of face – full face

In these pictures you can see how the foundation looks on me. It looks a bit too light for me at first, but head on, foundations usually look okay on me. The middle of my face is darker than the edges (due to some redness), so the real test when it comes to color is how this looks on my jawline. And you can see that below. And indeed: no line, no darkness, no nothing. The color is spot on. So if you’re pale: this is a foundation you can look into. This foundation also never caused me any allergic reaction. This is something I always look for. I’ve experienced break out and itching with many foundations I’ve tried in the past, but this formula has had no such effect on my sensitive skin. Coverage wise you can see that it definitely does something here. I still have a tad of redness around my eyes, but all of that redness, as well as the hollows near my inner eye corner have been covered up without using concealer. I could pretty much wear only this foundation and forego concealer all together when using this. I’m impressed!

jawline – full face including make up

My conclusion is that this is a really really good foundation. I’ve been going between my Dior one and this one and I love each one equally. It provides me with a perfectly clean slate to start my make up routine. It’s got good coverage, okay lasting power, and blends like a dream. Oh and it comes in the right color of course, very important. The only downside I can find with this is the amount of product that is dispensed through the pump. I need half a pump of this for my entire face, but when I’m tired in the morning I sometimes forget that and I end up with an entire pump. Silly, maybe, but it is a waste of product, which is a shame.

Have you tried True Match foundation?

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