1 shirt, 5 ways to wear it

Whoop-whoop! Time for a new type of post. It has been my desire for ages to write more about fashion, but I didn’t know how to go about it. Apart from the occasional outfit and a shoplog, I was very uninspired. But the fun about fashion is to make combinations. To put items together into complete outfits and so I had been wrecking my brain for a solution. And then I thought: I might as well put the outfits together, but not put them on. For now, I’ve placed the items on the floor, but hopefully, I can come up with a different solution soon.

To start off, I’ve decided to show you 5 different ways in which I would wear a simple, sleeveless, white button down shirt. This shirt is a great basic to have. The one I’m showing you here, is by H&M and cost a mere €9.95. Excuse the crumpled look, but I don’t iron. (Nope, never.)

Shirt (H&M)
Denim shorts (H&M)
Two-toned bar bib necklace (H&M)
Leopard print shoes (H&M)

The first outfit is a classic: a white button down shirt on a basic pair of highwaisted jeans shorts. I tied a knot in the shirt for that extra bit of 90s edge. To add a bit of spunk, I paired it with leopard print sneakers and a two-toned metal necklace. I think this is a great outfit to wear in summer and you can easily throw on a cardigan or jacket to warm things up. Of course, when the weather cools you can simply switch out the short for a pair of highwaisted jeans.

Shirt (H&M)
Pink Joni jeans (Topshop)
Mint green necklace (Forever 21)
Tweed All Star Converse (Random sneaker shop in Soho, New York)

The second outfit is a variation on the first one. Instead of going with a classic blue denim, changing it up for a pair of pastel pink ones, instantly adds a bit of sweetness to the look. Again, these jeans are highwaisted and so I tied a knot into the blouse, but you could also leave it as it. I added a mint colored necklace and some tweed Converse sneakers to add to the overall color palette of the look.

Shirt (H&M)
Grey knit sweater (Only)
Red skater skirt (H&M)
Red heels (ASOS)

Not so much a summer outfit, but still something you can wear on cooler days. It’s also a great way of transitioning your sleeveless shirts into fall. All I’ve done is layer a grey knit sweater over the button down shirt. The white color pokes through just a tad and gives off an instant preppy vibe. Paired with a red skirt for a pop of color and matching red heels, you have an outfit that will surely turn some heads.

Shirt (H&M)
Floral print trousers (H&M)
Baby pink faux suede heels (Van Haren)

For all those girls out there, who don’t like skirts or jeans, you can opt for a dressier pair of pant in a bold print to keep things light and fun. I find that button down shirts dress up very easily, so I always like to style them in a bit more of a casual outfit, just to make it clash. I would tuck the shirt into the pants, and pair it with a neutral pair of heels. The print it bold enough to do the rest, so no other accessories needed.

Shirt (H&M)
Burgundy maxi skirt (ASOS)
Peep toe flats (Primark)
Brown tinted sunglasses (H&M)

The final outfit features a burgundy maxi skirt and peep toe flats. This makes for a great summer outfit as the skirt is long but breezy and the peep toes give it a bit of a retro feel. To tie in with the brown of the shoes, I opted for a pair of brown tinted sunglasses to complete the look. If you wish you can easily add in some more brown/ tan colors, by adding a belt around your waist and add a bit more of a boho feel to it.

Would you wear any of these outfits? And what do think of this type of post?

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