Tuned up Thursday: Songs of the Week #4

The randomness of random. That’s what today’s music post is. A bit of a classic. A bit of jazz. A bit off naughties pop rock. A bit of chillwave/ dubstep and some indierock. Enjoy!

Creedence Clearwater Revival – Up Around the Bend

CCR is one of my favorite ‘older’ bands. It’s a perfect blend of rock, blues and country. This is one of my favorite songs by them. Oh and if you’ve ever seen The Big Lebowsky, then you get that reference as well.

Lester Young – I Cover the Waterfront

Jazz music isn’t always the most accessible kind of music. I was introduced to it in my early teens and listen to it from time to time. I’m no big jazz aficionado, but I have my favorites. One super laid back and just perfect jazz song I listen to often is this one by Lester Young. It also features Nat King Cole and Buddy Rich.

The Sunshine Underground – I Ain’t Losing Any Sleep

I know nothing about this song or band. Other than that this song is a super catchy rock song from the mid-2000s. They were never a massive band, but this song definitely sounds like it has the potential to be liked by mainstream media.

True Tiger – Big Love (Ft. Maiday) (Haze Remix)

This dubstep song takes a long time to pick up. I actually put this in my relax playlist as it is not the type of dubstep that goes all over the place and attacks your ear drums. It has pretty vocals and a dreamy sound to it. But it packs a good bit of drums too of course.

We Were Promised Jetpacks – Act On Impulse

One of my favorite indie tracks is this one by We Were Promised Jetpacks. I believe I featured it on here before, some years ago when I first found it. It slowly builds up and up and up, until it reaches its ultimate climax and breaks into the vocals. It has something antsy about it, but I love these kind of songs: great builds ups, cleverly put together songs that keep you interested.

What random songs have you been listening to?

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