Tuned up Thursday: music on the road

Spending 3 weeks on trains makes for plenty of time for listening to tons of music. Or so I thought in advance. I ended up listening to little music during my trip. I know! Shock! It’s not because I didn’t want to listen to music, but because I found something even more awesome to listen to when you’re traveling long distances. What that is? Stay tuned, because on Sunday I will be listing my monthly favorites and it will be part of that post. Of course I didn’t go completely music-less, so I did find 8 songs that I really enjoyed listening to while I was on the road.

Arcade Fire – Normal Person

Damon Albarn – Mr Tembo

Future Islands – A Dream of You and Me

Lana Del Rey – Gods & Monsters

Muse – Panic Station

The National – Fireproof

The Weeknd – Tears in the Rain

Wye Oak – Glory

Why these songs you ask? I don’t know, they just came on my shuffle and they somehow really connected with the moment. Whether it was watching Muse’s super tacky video while eating a burger at Hard Rock Café in Berlin, or chilling to some Lana Del Rey in my room in Copenhagen, to the feeling the anticipation of my trip while listening to The National when I had just left and gotten on my first train. These songs all came on at moments I cherish, even though they are not classic roadtripping type songs.

What do you listen to when you’re traveling?

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