2014 albums (so far)

So far 2014 is proving to be a great year for music. It has seen a couple of great new releases and in my personal case I also discovered plenty of older albums in the mean time. I thought it would be nice to make a tally of a few albums that I have been loving. Usually, I deal with single songs on this space, but figured it would make for a fresh breeze through the long array of music posts. Youtube links are provided where possible. Enjoy your listening!

Damon Albarn – Everyday Robots

Ever since I watched a documentary on where Blur’s lead singer (and instigator of many other projects such as Gorillaz and The Good, The Bad and The Queen) Damon Albarn got his inspiration for the songs on this album, I wanted to hear it. I saw it as early as February and the record wasn’t out until April, but I remember thinking: wow this is going to be a great album. If you’re used to Blur’s music, then this is something different. It’s not loud or boombastic. Most of the songs are quite small and introverted. It’s more of a singer-songwrite type album if there ever was one and I keep digging different songs every time I hear it. For me, that’s a sign of a good album.

Paulo Nutini – Caustic Love

Remember ‘New Shoes’? Well this album, this album is where the singer of that song goes funk and blues. It’s a great album if you need a pick me up with a bit of groove and a hint of spice in your day. Paulo Nutini belts out and scratches his voice along these tracks as if his life depends on it. And I can definitely appreciate that. If you’re looking for an album that makes you laugh and cry all at the same time.

The Weeknd – Kiss Land

This is my cheat entry. I have known about The Weeknd for a while, but I didn’t properly listen to his stuff until this year. And it seems that every year, I end up digging one R&B release. This year, it’s this one. Even though this album was released last year, I’m still including it, because I’m obsessed! I keep listening to it, over and over again and hear something new every time. It definitely had to grow on me though. I listened to it on my phone at first, found a couple songs I really liked, decided to buy it from my record store and it just hasn’t left my CD-player since.

Sia – 1000 Forms of Fear

From something old, to something brand new! It’s Sia’s latest record and I’m surprised at how much I like this. I love, love, love Sia. I bought Some People Have Real Problems years ago and even had tickets to see her live but couldn’t go because I was sick. Bummer! When I heard she was coming back onto the scene with a new album, I did a little dance. Then I heard Chandelier and though: meh. Then I saw the video. Then I got obsessed and then I got the album for my birthday. My favorite song is Fire and Gasoline.

Lana Del Rey – Ultraviolence

Second albums can be a drab and this one by Lana Del Rey will be if you don’t like her style of music. It took me some time to hop onto the LDR bandwagon, but once I did, I wasn’t about to get off any time soon. I still listen to Born to Die and so this album makes for a nice transition. The style and sound is still very Lana, very melodramatic, very melancholy and very dreamy. Perfect for rainy summer days. Bonus track Guns And Roses and **** My Way to the Top are my favorites.

Jungle – Jungle

The last album I want to share with you is also the latest addition to my music collection. If you need an album that SCREAMS summer time, then listen to Jungle. I picked this up from my record store because the description said it was a ‘pleasant’ album. The songs on this album flow together as if they’re not separate songs but one long one and I quite like that on a hot summer’s day with a glass of iced tea in my hand. Unfortunately the full album isn’t available but just give this one song a listen and let yourself sink under the surface of the best fusion of hiphop beats, electro elements and lounge vibes you’ll have ever heard.

What is your favorite album of 2014 so far?

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