Job interview appropriate make up look

Neutral make up looks are the best ones to wear to first days on the job and better yet: job interviews. Or just for every day: when you want to look a bit better but not too done up. Naked make up looks, or whatever you want to call it, are the way to go in these cases. They are sophisticated and enhance your features without it looking like you’ve made a real effort. I showed you a couple of new MAC eyeshadows I purchased and I thought they would be perfect for creating a simple, matte, neutral, every day look that is perfect for job interviews or work situations.

It also happens to be that in creating this look I’ve used some of my very favorite make up products. Many of them high end, but there are also some drugstore gems that I’ve used to create this look. That lipstick is one of my fave neutrals that I found in recent months. And guess what?! Yup, drugstore. I kept the face light and not too overpowering. No bronzer or highlight, but instead I just put some color on my cheeks with my favorite blush of all time: NARS Orgasm. As promised I used the three new MAC eyeshadow additions in this look and kept the entire eye look matte.

Matte eye looks are simply the way to go if you want to wear something on your eyes but not go too crazy. I used malt all over my lid, wedge in the crease and swiss chocolate on my outer V. I used NOTHING on my lower lash line. Just a touch of mascara and a nude liner on my waterline. It opens the eyes but doesn’t make the look too crazy and overpowering. I used a slight shimmery highlight on my brow bone and in my inner corner, but I made sure I kept it light and easy. The key to a look like this is to keep things simple. Enhance your features, but don’t make it a mask.

Products used:


Base: Dior DiorSkin Nude foundation in 010 Ivory, Catrice Retouch Light-Reflection concealer in 001 Porcelain, MAC Prep + Prime Transparent finishing powder

Blush: NARS Orgasm


Base: Too Faced Shadow Insurance

Mascara: L’Oreal Butterfly effect false lash wings in midnight black

Brows: Catrice Eyebrow Set (lightest color only), HEMA eyebrow gel

Lips: Rimmel Kate Moss (black packaging) in 08

I finished off the look with a smudgy brown eyeliner. Liquid liner can be quite harsh so I opted for using a highly pigmented brown eyeshadow for this. The Benefit one I have has long been discontinued, but any dark brown eyeshadow you have will do. I chose this lipstick as it’s a great rosy pink shade that is very similar to my natural lip color. Since my lips are quite dark naturally, I went with a darker lipshade. If yours are lighter than go with a different lipstick. The best thing to do is to use a lip color close to what you’re already working with. This is also the point where you can add some sparkle or shine to your overall look. Maybe a bit of gloss is all you want to go with. Since gloss isn’t really my thing, I went lipstick instead.

What look would you wear to a job interview?

Please stay tuned as on Friday I will be sharing with you some of my favorite job interview outfits. On Saturday I will be doing a blog on what nail polish to wear. Enjoy your Wednesday!

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