Job interview outfits

Still sticking with the job interview theme here. Hope you’re still with me! Where on Wednesday I showed you a job interview proof make up look, I thought it would also be fun to show you what I have and would wear to a job interview. Now, different jobs require different clothes. If you’re working in a more corporate environment then these won’t work. If you’re working in a more creative environment, then these won’t work either.  My job interview style is somewhere in the middle: I dress up business style, but not too much and always with a twist.

1.) The dress

Photo print dress (H&M Trend)
Black & white low heels (Manfield)

A dressy dress is always a good option to wear. It’s easy to throw on and an outfit is put together in minutes. This dress has a classic shape is made of a sturdy material but the print is what makes this dress fun. It showcases my personality without it become gimmicky. Because of the busy print I don’t pair this with any other accessories but some simple stud earrings and a basic pair of low heels with a t-bar strap.

2.) The shirt & skirt

Pussybow polka dot cream shirt (ZARA)
Dark grey highwaisted knit skirt (Vila)
Grey low heeled mary jane shoe (Sacha)

I tend to pick my job interview outfit depending on a) the place I’m going to and b) the people who will be seeing me. I tend to wear dresses or skirts when I feel I should highlight my feminine side. I save pants for the appointments where I feel I should be more ‘power’ woman. This is a very retro style outfit that always works. The pussybow blouse gives the outfit some class and the overall outfit is very neutral. Yet, by adding the highwaisted skirt, there’s a bit more interest and the outfit doesn’t become bland.

3.) Colored pants & blazer

Pin stripe black blazer (Miss Etam)
Pink Joni jeans (Topshop)
Black t-shirt (H&M)
Black heels (Van Haren)

A blazer & pant combo is always a good idea for a job interview. And who said you cannot add a pop of color? That’s what I like these pink pants for. The pink isn’t too bright and quite neutral, but it does make for a fun addition. I kept the rest of the outfit black to not go too overboard. I opted for a t-shirt rather than a blouse, as a blouse over a blazer, to me, looks frumpy and dated. Just wear a plain black t-shirt and you’re all set.

4.) Clashing prints

Black & white striped cropped blouse (Monki)
Black pencil skirt with zipper detail (H&M)Houndstooth print black & white mary jane heels (Sacha)

Another rule breaking outfit: clashing prints! I believe that if you keep things monochrome, a clashing print can amp up a boring outfit and lift it to the next level. If you want to spice things up even further, you can add some gold or silver accessories, but I kept things simple. Again there’s a low heeled shoe as I feel those are best at job interviews. I would always choose a heel for a job interview (if you’re a woman of course), but don’t go too crazy on the height. Pick something not too high and a tad conservative.

5.) The dressy pants

Burgundy button down shirt with black lapels (Asos)
Grey pin stripe pants (Mango)
Burgundy peep toe mary jane heels (ZARA)

I only own one pair of neat, dressy pants. And they only get busted out whenever I am doing job interviews. And this is them. A basic pair of dressy pants can be a great staple for building job interview proof outfits. Here I paired it with a burgundy shirt, with a double lapel and a black collar. The burgundy is also added at the bottom, by adding a pair of strappy heels. Since you’re wearing pants, adding an interesting shoe can tie the whole thing together.

What would you wear to a job interview?

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