Happy 4th blog anniversary!

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Today is the day! September 4th 2010 was the first day my blog went live. I knew nothing about blogging, had never done it before and had no idea what to do. Here we are 4 years later and still going strong. And what a ride it’s been.

Earlier this year I finally decided what I wanted to do with my blog. For most of my 4 year blog career I was in limbo and didn’t take it too seriously. It was just a hobby, something fun to do on the side while I focus on other things. But now that I have been able to give this a good thought, I came up with a blog schedule and some ideas of what to do next. And those ideas are coming to fruitition. In the past 4 years this blog went from getting 0 visitors to 250 – 300 visitors a day. I hit a bit of a rough patch last year which caused my blog to go on the backburner a few times and of course it translated to dropping visitor numbers. By now, numbers are back at the level it was at before I had to have a blog hiatus for a few weeks and switch to every other day blog posts.

In the next few days you’ll find one of the biggest changes for me. Today, or some time this week, I will sign up for an actual domain name. To me, that shows that I am committed to this place and to keep it going for however long I enjoy chucking things online. Since I started my blog with no idea what to do, I never really invested in it either. You need a plan and know what you’re doing before you can fully commit to something and that’s what I do now, so I’m ready to take the plunge and make this an official website.

As of next week I will also make some changes to my blog schedule. I am currently blogging about beauty on Mon-Wed-Sat, lifestyle on Tue & Sun, music on Thur and fashion on Fri. That schedule will still hold, but as of Tuesday, I will have a weekly blog post on food. Be it recipes or any other food related topic: that will go online on Tuesday’s. The rest of the schedule remains the same, but on Thursday, in addition to the music post, I will add a post on nails in the afternoon. So Thursday’s will not only see one blog post, but two. I enjoy doing my nails and it is one topic that my blog touched upon a lot when I first started. It’s something that got pushed to the sidelines, not because I didn’t like it anymore, but because I found no space to put it anywhere. But now that I know what I want to do, I’ve decided to add a weekly nail post. To sum things up, my blog schedule will look as follows (starting this coming Monday):

  • Monday, Wednesday, Saturday: beauty = product reviews on make up, skin-,body-, and haircare; a look into my stash; favorite products; looks; 30 day make up challenge, etc.
  • Tuesday: food = recipes, what I eat, information about my diet, mabye even some health and exercise related topics, etc.
  • Thursday 1: music = songs, albums reviews, indie music, etc.
  • Thursday 2: nails = NOTD, my stash, favorites, etc.
  • Friday: fashion = outfits, styling, trends and shoplogs, etc.
  • Sunday: lifestyle = personal updates, tags, book reviews, etc.

A wish I had for this blog is to start making videos. And surprise, surprise: tomorrow the first one will go up! I don’t have a regular schedule in mind yet. I have a few videos recorded and ready to go so I will first see how those are received. Then I will see what I’ll do next. For now, I have a new youtube channel set up specifically for the blog and you can look forward to a shoe collection video for tomorrow’s post.

If you want to stay up to date with the blog, you can follow me on Twitter or Instagram: @indiequeen84. That’s where I mostly update on the daily workings of the blog.

For now, I would like to thank YOU, my visitors, for the past 4 years. Here’s to another!
And to include you in these celebrations, you need to check back today at 3 PM CET.
I’ll have a small surprise online for you then.

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