The Body Shop shower gel favorites

If you’d go through my beauty stash you’ll find that most of my body care products come from The Body Shop. It helps that I live really close to one, but on the whole I love their range. They do the best smells and some of their products are true holy grails in my make up and beauty routine. One of my favorite products from them are their shower gels. I always make sure I stock a few of them and keep them on hand so I can easily take a new one when I run out of another. Over the years I’ve tried many of their scents and these are my current favorites.

One thing I love about TBS shower gel is the fact that each scent also comes with its own texture. Some of the nuttier scents are creams, whereas the fruity, fresh smells are more like a true gel. I use different scents during different times of the year and different times of the day. I prefer fruity scents in summer and for morning showers. The warmer, nut like ones are perfect for winter time and evenings.

1.) Vanilla bliss (Christmas LE)

One of my favorite winter scents is the vanilla line that comes out pretty much EVERY Christmas. I’m so hoping they have it out again this year. I always buy myself a shower gel from this scent and I also have a hand lotion that I keep handy for the winter time. The scent is a warm and sweet one, but not very overpowering. It gives me the feeling of being wrapped up in a big and warm blanket. Perfect for the colder months.

2.) White Musk Libertine

I’m not sure whether this is still available, but this is my favorite variety from the White Musk line. I love musky smells. If perfumes come with musk in the heart, I’m usually tempted to at least smell it. I love the heavy scent and also own the matching perfume to this. It’s what I’m currently using in my shower as a morning time scent and I find myself wanting to shower in the morning rather than at night, just so I can use this. Sadly it’s almost gone by now.

3.) Shea shower cream

A nut smell that isn’t exactly a gel but a cream. These are perfect for winter time when your skin is dry and sensitive and can use all the nourishing it can get. A cream like this is better than a gel as it leaves a pleasant layer on your skin. Paired with the subtle sweet nut smell this is a perfect winter time or bed time shower gel to use.

4.) Vineyard Peach

My favorite fruit smell from TBS is this one. Sadly I can no longer find this on the website or in stores, so I’m thinking it’s been discontinued. Hopefully they bring it back next summer because this pleasant sweet smell is exactly like that of fresh, juicy peaches. This is perfect for summer and a great pick me up during your morning shower.

5.) Pink Grapefruit

Lastly, I’ve found myself gravitating towards a scent I never thought I’d like. The Pink Grapefruit line was broad back a while ago and I wasn’t really feeling it at first. Ever since I tried a small bottle during the summer before last, I’ve been hooked. This is the ultimate summer scent. It’s zesty and refreshing. This instantly wakes me up in the morning and I love using it whenever I feel I need a little extra help in the mornings.

What are your favorite shower gels from The Body Shop?

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