Collective fall fashion shoplog

The seasons have changed and so it’s time for a wardrobe update and thus a collective shoplog. In the past couple of months I have been buying items to upgrade my wardrobe for fall. I didn’t realize it until I photographed these items, but I ended up buying quite some on trend items. From sweaters to pencil skirts, hats to cardigans and completely fall appropriate prints (floral, stripes, and houndstooth), this shoplog is filled to the brim with all the fall trends I’m currently digging. So this post is a bit of a two for one: not only is it an overview of the clothes I purchased, but you also get a look into which fall trends I’m loving.

Striped knee length skirt (H&M)

I have developed quite the thing for stripes. And tight kneelength skirts. I bought this stretchy skirt 2 sizes too small to allow it to fit better. With these stretchy jersey skirts I find that getting them too small works best.

Red thin knit sweater (H&M)
Peach short knit sweater (H&M)

Another item I’ve been stocking up on are sweaters. I mainly wanted an influx of colors. For some reason I always gravitate to grey sweaters, but that has now changed and I bought a bright red (one of the IT colors for fall!) and a soft peach one. The peach one fits especially nicely and I can see myself wearing this with a button down shirt underneath it for that extra boyish look.

Grey floral print pencil skirt (H&M)

Like I said above, I love myself a good pencil skirt and the minute I saw this print I was in love. I already bought this in July so no clue if you can still get this, but it’s great for fall. I still have to find the perfect top to put with it, but so far I’ve managed to style this up just nicely.

Black and white striped peplum top (H&M)
White lace peplum top (H&M)

Also, peplum tops are a thing for me right now. It took me ages to find one that not only fit, but also looked good on me. Peplum tops are a bit tricky to buy because the little frill at the bottom has to come out at just the right spot for it to look good. I found not only these two that fit me nicely, but another one from Forever 21 which you can see below.

Light blue palm tree print dress (Asos)
Mustard yellow pencil skirt (H&M)

What is a palm tree print dress doing in a fall shoplog you ask? Well I got it only in late August and even though it may not seem so appropriate I have already had a chance to wear it. September has been a very mild month so far with lots of sunshine, so right after I got it, I was already able to wear it to work. I’ve been trying to get some more mustard items in my wardrobe. It’s a difficult color for me as it can wash me out very quickly, but with a skirt that is not a real problem. And this fit very nicely quite unexpectedly.

Grey wool knit cardigan (H&M)
Forest green cardigan (H&M)

My favorite fall clothing item? A cardigan. These are so easy to throw over any outfit and so I cannot get enough of cardigans. I buy a couple every season it seems. I decided to pick up the woolen cardigan, because where my wardrobe is stocked with plenty of grey sweaters, the color was lacking in the cardigan department. I picked up the green cardigan when I went shopping with my mom a few months ago and since the color is so fall appropriate I thought I’d show it here.

Navy & mustard floral dress (H&M)

A shoplog on this blog would be incomplete without another dress. When I saw this navy dress it had my name written all over it. They no longer had it in my size, but I decided to order it from the website a little bit later and found it fits perfectly.

Black thin knit sweater (H&M)
Green and blue plaid flannel shirt (Only)

Another sweater, just a plain black one, but would you believe me if I said I didn’t own a plain black sweater yet. It’s true and so I picked this up to complete the sweater collection. I’ve been digging plaid shirts again. I used to have 10 – 15 different plaid shirts a few years ago, then lost interest and now it’s back full force. Since I have three with a red tone to them, I decided to change things up and go for this dark green color instead.

Floral peplum top (Forever 21)
Burgundy bowler hat (H&M)

This was the first peplum top I bought when I was at Forever 21 in Berlin. This is from their plus section, but I found it fits perfectly so who cares right? Fun fact: everything in this shoplog ranges from a size XS to XL. Sometimes you just have to go beyond the number on the tag. And I got myself a bowler hat. Now all I need is the weather (and guts) to wear it. It’s one item I’m not entirely sure about, but I just have to bring it out and rock it.

Mustard yellow cardigan (Only)

Another item from the shopping spree with my mom. The minute I saw this I loved it. This yellow color is exactly right to complement my complexion and it’s nice and warm and I love the knit pattern as well. This will go great with the navy and mustard dress above!

Houndstooth button down shirt (Vila)

Houndstooth is everywhere this fall. And it happens to be one of my favorite prints (together with polka dots). I have shoes, a shirt and a dress all with this print. What was missing was a houndstooth printed blouse. So when I spotted this on my way home from work (there’s a clothing store at the railway station) I decided to take it home.

Black wool fedora hat (H&M)
Black wide brimmed hat (H&M)

On to accessories and more hats. Can you tell I’ve also developed a thing for hats? H&M are doing some great styles this season and I picked up quite a few. I haven’t been able to wear them yet, because it’s been too warm. But when temperatures start to drop I’ll be sure to be sporting these hats instead of my normal woolen winter hat.

Massive houndstooth print scarf (Only)
Grey wrist warmers (H&M)

Finally I also bought a new scarf and wrist warmers. The scarf is the biggest one I own. It’s big, warm and fluffy and a nice change from my red tartan scarf that I got from H&M last year. Since I bought a new winter’s jacket last year, which has great big pockets to stuff your hands in, I found myself not wearing any gloves all winter. However, when you do that, a bit of wrist is still exposed to the winter air and so I thought a pair of wrist warmers would be a great solution to that problem.

What have you bought to update your wardrobe?

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