New Catrice & Essence nail polish (fall 2014)

The new Catrice & Essence collections that changed products for fall have plenty of new products to try. As always there are quite a few nail polishes that are newly added. Now that Catrice has an extra long space in the shops, their nail polish line has also been extended with some new products and there was a new Limited Edition out and so plenty of reasons for me to check out some of these new goodies.

In total there are 10 new polishes that I’ve added to my collection. They are all new and haven’t been available previously. The new Catrice line (with the expanded range) also now includes a few shades that have been available in limited editions before. Since I already have those, or at least the ones I thought interesting, I didn’t pick up anything from the Million Styles polishes or the Million Brilliance lines. But those are also more widely available now.

I picked up 4 polishes from the brand new Liquid Metal line by Catrice, 4 effect polishes by Essence, one new fall 2014 polish and one Check & Tweed limited edition polish again by Catrice.

Catrice Luxury Lacquers Liquid Metal Thunder of Down Under (Shiny)

The names do not get any shorter with the new line, but really how cool is this name? And how apt? Thunder of Down Under is an opaque black polish with chunky silver glitter. Swatched, it looks like a layer of chunky tar. And I like that look. It’s gritty looking and this will toughen up any outfit you feel is a tad too sweet and girly. Or if you’re into grungy looking nails of course.

Catrice Luxury Lacquers Liquid Metal Pink Charming (Matt)

What’s this? Matte glitter??!! Yep, Catrice comes up with something completely new. Forget about liquid sand type polishes, I’m feeling this new variety that has the pretty matte look of a liquid sand polish, but without the gritty glitter texture. Yet, the glitter in this polish still makes it interesting and anything but flat. And had I already mentioned the fact that this is in a bright fuchsia pink color? Well done Catrice!

Catrice Luxury Lacquers Liquid Metal My Satin Ballet Shoes (Shiny)

Like Thunder from Down Under, My Satin Ballet Shoes, is a shiny liquid metal. However it looks completely different. It’s more of a rose gold metallic foil look than a gritty, grungy looking glitter. This is much more sleek and sophisticated and right on trend for the metallic look that is hot this fall and winter. Again, Catrice has hit bull’s eye with this cutesy pink color that I think many girly girls will love.

Catrice Luxury Lacquers Liquid Metal I’m Legend-berry (Matt)

On to quite possibly my favorite shade in the Liquid Metal range: I’m Legend-berry. This purple with pink shimmer is another matte glitter shade and I love it. This stunning color will brighten up any dull and dark fall and winter outfit. Yet, because of the matte finish it will not be too overpowering either. It’s in your face, but a little less so than Pink Charming would be.

Catrice First Class Up-Grape

On to a standard range nail polish. First Call Up-Grape (love the name!) is a deep burgundy shade with a golden sheen to it. It’s a lovely dark polish with a hint of a metallic sheen. I honestly passed up on this the first time I saw this, but then I saw this used in Catrice’s promotional materials where they paired it with a gold glitter topcoat on just the tips and I was sold. So yeah, I was totally sucked in by that marketing tool, but I already wore this on my nails with a golden top coat and loved it.

Catrice Check & Tweed LE England’s Rose

The final Catrice shade is from the Check & Tweed limited edition. I’m not sure whether you can still get this as at most places I’ve spotted this collection at, the collection seemed to have sold out quickly. In any case, my eye was immediately drawn to this girly baby pink shade, which is a lot darker swatched than in the bottle. However, I was surprised by how opaque this is. I was expecting this to be a sheer finish, but this went on opaque with two coats. The silvery metallic sheen is what makes this polish just a tad different from your every day neutral polish.

Essence Effect Twinkling Bling Bling Lovely, Maybe

The name of this polish couldn’t be more apt! When I first swatched this I was a bit meh… But when you turn this and the light hits it just right, you can see some teeny tiny micro shimmer that brings something different to this pink and white top coat. I can see this being perfect for Valentine’s Day over a sweet light pink shade.

Essence Effect Twinkling Bling Bling Icy Fairy

Icy Fairy is similar to Lovely, Maybe, but more dense on the glitter front. Plus there are some chunky hexagonal glitters that give this polish a bit more oomph. It’s silvery blue shimmer make this a really good top coat to put over blue or grey nail polish and bring it a bit more to life. I am currently wearing this over a taupe shade and am loving it.

Essence Effect Electric Feathers That’s My Pop Cake

A red feather effect glitter topcoat? Oh yes, please. There aren’t enough red top coats if you ask me and this one is a bit more multidimensional because of the multicolored stick shaped glitter pieces that are scattered through the raspberry red shade. Plus for a top coat this goes on quite opaque. This swatch is two layers!

Essence Effect Galaxy Flake Rock My World

When I was buying these I was umming and ahming about this one most. I only picked it up because the drugstore had a buy one get one free on all nail polish discount. And then I swatched this and was pleasantly surprised. This is an almost opaque, almost snowflake like topcoat. Placed over a neutral polish this will need nothing else to serve as a full manicure on its own. Again, like all of my swatches, this is two coats.

What nail polish have you lately tried?

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