Lookbook autumn 2014: navy, burgundy & mustard

It’s the beginning of a new month and you know what that means right? It’s means it’s time for a new lookbook. And since the seasons have changed most definitely from summer to fall, an autumn inspired lookbook would be in place. Today’s lookbook is themed along my 3 favorite colors for fall: navy blue, burgundy red and mustard yellow. Come fall, these colors start to dominate clothing stores. And my wardrobe. Especially navy and burgundy are colors that work well against my complexion and hair color and so fall is one of my favorite seasons for getting dressed. Here’s 5 outfits that I would wear in a jiffy and which incorporate many pieces I showed you in last week’s shoplog to boot.

1.) Navy grey

Navy blue button down (Primark)
Grey leggins with PU details (H&M)
Leaf necklace (Primark)
Dr. Marten’s 1461 in black (Office)

The first outfit is a very simple, casual one. I’m not a big fan of wearing legging as pants, but with a shirt that is longer at the back and covering your bum, it’s fine. Forget the fact that these leggings do absolutely NOTHING for my legs: they are the most comfortable thing in the world. They are of a pretty thick and soft jersey material which easily makes them warm and cosy to boot. I bought them last year though, so I have no clue whether they are still available. Not something I’d wear to work obviously, but good enough to run errands.

2.) Fun time, bowling time

Burgundy button down with black lapels (ASOS)
Grey skater skirt (H&M)
Burgundy bowler hat (H&M)Chunky gold bracelet (Primark)
Burgundy brogues (Bronx)

I love this shirt! I had a hard time chasing down a burgundy blouse last year and I had almost given up when I spotted this. It has a double lapel which is part black and part burgundy. It has a boxy, baggy fit for that touch of androgyny, which makes it the most perfect shirt to pair with my favorite type of skirt: the skater skirt. I picked this particular one up on vacation this summer, because I figured I had brought too few bottoms on my interrail trip. I used them straight away and they have become an instant staple in my wardrobe. The hat is an experiment. What do you think?

3.) Floral casual chique

Floral peplum top (Forever 21 plus size line)
Black pencil skirt (H&M)
Black tights (Hema)
Burgundy patent heels with peep toe (ZARA)

This third outfit is more dressed up than the other ones here. I actually wore this to work but paired with a different pair of shoes. I actually had to snatch these items out of my hamper so I could photograph the look. The floral pattern is perfect for fall as it’s got that old fashioned look to it. To be honest, it reminds me of a table cloth my grandmother used to own, but I like that granny chique style. I found it at the plus size section of Forever 21. Which goes to show: if you look for things in unusual places (because there is nothing plus size about me apart from my boobs) you can find hidden gems. I kept the rest basic to make the top stand out even more.

4.) Cosy floral

Navy floral dress (H&M)
Mustard cardigan (Only)
Mustard bow belt (Bershka)
Blue tights (???)
Desert Boots in Wolf (Clarks)

On to quite possibly the coziest outfit of the bunch. I love my Desert Boots to death. They go with so many things and I love how the color is very neutral which makes them even more versatile. I love pairing them with dresses. Here, I’ve used my newest dress acquisition and to warm things up I went with another new piece: the mustard colored cardigan. I bought the items separately, but when I got home and put them together I just knew that this was a combo ready to be made. To keep things neutral I went with blue tights. I find that fall is not cold enough yet to pull off those thick black fleecelined Primark tights. So I go for my fun colored tights during fall mostly.

5.) The menswear combo

Green & navy flannel plaid button down shirt (Only)
Mustard jeans (Bershka)
Grey t-shirt (H&M)
Black fedora style hat (H&M)
Converse (Random sneaker store in New York)

When you say Fall, you say flannel. I tend to buy a flannel shirt every year. This year’s addition is a navy & green plaid which is just the comfiest thing ever. It is about 5 sizes too big for me which is how I like my flannels to fit best. It makes for an instant dash of manliness. I topped it up with another brand new hat (again: should I wear this, yes or no?) that goes with the whole menswear theme I have going on here. I went with sneakers for shoes. I initially paired it with brogues, but that made it a bit too much. The sneakers add a bit of fun casual flair that I think works.

What are your fall must have items?

8 responses to “Lookbook autumn 2014: navy, burgundy & mustard”

  1. Wat leuk zoveel outfits bij elkaar! Die met de grijze rok en de wijnrode blouse vind ik het mooist. Zelf zou ik ook zo graag outfitposts op m’n blog zetten maar ik durf het niet.

  2. Hele leuke outfits, ik vind 2 en 5 echt heel mooi! Ik ben zelf ook helemaal into flannel. Ik wil graag wat meer rokjes gaan dragen, draag ze echt nooit en zeker in de winter niet. Nu heb ik er een paar gekocht, vind het dus leuk om te zien hoe jij dat doet.

    • Dankjewel 🙂 Ik draag eigenlijk bijna alleen maar rokjes en jurkjes. Een collega was van de week zelfs verbaasd dat ik een lange broek aan had ;-). And there’s more to come so stay tuned.

  3. […] On to the only skirt for which I still have an ‘on’ picture. This pencil skirt is from H&M and a classic, staple piece in my book. I go through phases where I really like wearing pencil skirt and at times I think they don’t look that flattering on me. Since I am quite curvy a pencil skirt can make me look bulky as it’s so tight. That’s why I like wearing items like this with baggier tops. The tightness of the skirt will still accentuate my curves, but the looser top on top will make the outfit more flattering on my body shape. I am wearing it combined with a peplum top in this blog post. […]

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