My MAC blushes & MSFs

When it comes to make up brands, MAC is one of my favorites. I love their lipsticks and eyeshadows. What I’ve tried from their face products has also been right on the money. But one item from MAC’s line is not something I get drawn to when I enter a MAC store. It’s their blushes and MSFs. It just seems to me as if the most interesting colors are always part of limited edition collection and thus difficult to get a hold of. As a result I do not own too many MAC blushes and Mineralized Skin Finishes. Nevertheless, I have a few and today I’d like to share with you which ones they are and what they look like.

All of my blushes and MSFs in one pretty picture. Apart from one of these, they were all limited edition. I doubt you’ll still be able to find these anywhere, unless MAC releases these again with a new collection. As a result I do have a couple of different textures and styles and I feel I have a good variety of different blush colors in my small MAC blush collection. At the very end of this post you will find swatches and where possible, I will link to older posts so you can see what these look like in a full face.

Azalea Blossom blush (Daphne Guinness LE)

This very cool toned blush instantly caught my eye. I think you can tell why, right? The ombre pattern just sucked me in and to be honest I don’t wear this a whole lot. Not because I don’t like it. On the contrary, it’s just not the most wearable color. I prefer wearing this in fall/ winter time when I do more elaborate eye looks. However, since that is only applicable for part of the year, I don’t reach for this as much as I probably should. In any case, this went unused for months after I first got it. Simply because I found it too pretty to disturb.

Lust Mineralized Skin Finish (Tropical Taboo LE)

For a long time I went without a single MSF in my collection. I didn’t like Soft & Gentle enough to buy it, especially because I own a drugstore dupe of that one. So I had to wait for a nice one to catch my eye in a limited edition. And what sells out first in any MAC limited edition? Yes, the MSFs. I happened to bump into this one at the airport last year and decided to take it home. This has a lot of color pigment and is one of those MSFs that can be worn as a blush. I love the warm pink color this has and I find it very flattering on myself. You can see it on my cheeks in this blog post.

Fairly Precious Extra Dimension Skinfinish (Magnetic Nude LE)

Earlier this year, I was very surprised when the Magnetic Nude collection, filled to the brim with extra dimension finish products wasn’t selling out. I browsed the MAC website, thinking it would all be gone, to find the two products I was interested in to still be available. How fortunate for me! One of the items I picked up was this very pretty skinfinish in Fairly Precious. It’s one of those colors that gives off just the right amount of sheen and can be layered over many blush colors to give that extra bit of highlight. I’m wearing it in this blog post.

At Dusk blush (Magnetic Nude LE)

The second product I picked up from the Magnetic Nude collection is this pretty soft pink blush in At Dusk. Up to that point I pretty much owed no soft pink blush by MAC and I love me these type of colors. Again, this goes perfect with heavier eye looks. It’s light but still gives off a bit of color and is great to add a bit of color to your face without going over board. It’s on my cheeks in this blue make up look.

Fresh Honey mineralize blush (Naturally LE)

This blush was recommended to me by a MAC MUA. It’s a very pigmented blush that needs to be blended out carefully else it will make you look like a clown. However, these warm toned blushes are my favorites from MAC (as you will see below). This is a very orange looking blush and when I first saw this I was skeptical. But when applied with a light hand this is very complimentary to my complexion. I used it in one of my 30 Day Make Up Challenge posts.

Margin (Frost)

The only blush I own from MAC’s regular collection. And quite possibly my most worn MAC blush. Because this color is always right. With heavy looks, light looks, for nude looks: this blush will go with anything under the sun. If there is a ‘my cheeks but better’ blush shade than this is mine. I got this on my very first visit to MAC when I was still exploring the line and not knowing what they had. And I’m still happy with this purchase till this day. You can see it on my face in this blog post.

Solar Ray mineralize blush (Heavenly Creatures LE)

Another lucky steal was this mineralize blush. This collection sold out quickly and I just happened to be browsing the MAC website at the right time. It’s a blush I use for weeks on end, only to forget about it again. Then I use it again, realize how pretty this is on and then I go through a phase where I only use this for a while. I just keep going round in circles. It’s a bit chunky which is why I’m not always feeling it, but it’s a beautiful color and texture once applied. I’m wearing in here and here.

Swatches (f.l.t.r.):
Azalea Blossom – Lust – Fairly Precious – At Dusk – Fresh Honey – Margin – Solar Ray

That’s it! All of my MAC blushes and MSFs. Some of them quite special and thus not something I’d get rid of even if I’d stop using them all together. I just have to make it a point to start using Azalea Blossom some more again. What do you say? Maybe I should use it in a Face of the Day some time soon?

What’s your favorite MAC blush?

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