YSL Rouge pur Couture lipsticks in Rose Perfecto & Fuchsia Fétiche

If there is one thing I love more in the world than anything, it’s a good lipstick. True, I love my eyeshadows and blush, but ever since I discovered lipstick, it simply takes the cake. High end lipsticks especially. There is just something a bit more special about them. From the packaging to the color selection, the staying power and the pigmentation: there is little that can beat a good high end lipstick. My favorite? I have several, but high on the list are the YSL Rouge pur Couture lipsticks. A few weeks ago, I picked up two from the new fall make up line.

YSL Rouge Pur Couture The MATS
207 Rose Perfecto & 208 Fuchsia Fétiche

Colors 207 and 208 were newly released this fall, but are here to stay. So if you like these, you should still be able to find them. Be prepared to empty your bank account though, as they retail for around €33 a pop. I bought these when ICI Paris XL had their infamous 40% off when you buy 2 lip products deal. It’s the time of year when I tend to buy most of my high end lipsticks as it makes for a much better price of around €20 euros per lipstick.

The two lipsticks I picked up are from the YSL Rouge pur Couture The Mats line. I have two other YSL Rouge pur Couture lipsticks, Rouge Neon and Tropical Pink, both of which I love. The main reason why I love these is because the color selection is interesting. It’s not your every day run of the mill colors, but there is always something a tad different about them. They also have great staying power. The lipsticks leave an immediate stain, making them last almost an entire 8 hour work day. Now that, to me is impressive.

Another reason why I love the YSL Rouge pur Couture lipsticks is the packaging. I know that many people lust after the Rouge Volupte lipsticks for their packaging, but I personally like this better. The square, gold packaging not only looks luxurious, it also feels that way. It’s not too heavy though which I personally like, because I do not fancy taking a 2 pound lipstick along with me in my purse. Other than that it is shiny but simple, and very practical.

The two colors I got were 207 Rose Perfecto (or Rose’N’Roll) and 208 Fuchsia Fétiche (or Madly Fuchsia). Apparently the English names for these are different, but my packaging only gave the French ones. These are part of the matte line, which I hadn’t tried before. But I love a good matte lipstick and actually prefer that finish over something shiny. Most of the time, matte lipsticks stay even longer on the lips so I had high hopes for these.

The reason why I picked up these two was because I just fell in love with the colors. I didn’t have deep rose color like Rose Perfecto yet and it was the one I was actually looking for when I noticed ICI Paris having the 40% off deal. At the first store I went to I couldn’t find it though, but my eye was immediately drawn to Fuchsia Fétiche. I swatched, fell in love, but decided against buying it as I couldn’t find a second lipstick to go with it. Enter a few days later, and another store and there they still had both so the choice was easily made.

YSL Rouge Pur Couture The MATS 207 Rose Perfecto

Rose Perfecto is like I said a deep rose shade. One that I hadn’t seen before. It has a hint of purple to it and I personally love wearing lipsticks with a purple undertone. They tend to look very flattering on me. As you can see in the swatch below, the color is full on, yet despite the deeper tone still muted and subtle. This is a great every day color that is easy to wear and can go with so many different looks. I definitely did not own a shade like this yet, and I have a lot of lipstick.

YSL Rouge pur Couture The Mats 208 Fuchsia Fétiche

Fuchsia Fétiche is an in your face bright pink with a blue undertone. When I first got this, I was afraid it may be too similar to my MAC Impassioned lipstick, but that is far more red and raspberry colored. When I compared this to other shades I have at home, my conclusion was again that I do not have anything like this. It’s bright, it’s fun and it’s my kind of color as I am all about full on bright lipstick. I find it brightens my face and makes it look a lot more lively.

Left: 207 Rose Perfecto
Right: 208 Fuchsia Fétiche

As you can tell from these swatches, these lipsticks are highly pigmented. This is one swipe across my arm. Another thing I love about these is how they hardly feather and stay put. Like my previous YSL Rouge pur Couture purchases, these lipsticks leave a stain almost instantly, so especially when you let them sit on your lips for a bit before eating or drinking anything, these colors simply will not budge.

Top: 207 Rose Perfecto
Bottom: 208 Fuchsia Fétiche

And these are the lipsticks on my lips. I have naturally heavily pigmented lips and these lipsticks cover up my natural lip color in an instant. Both lipsticks feel comfortable on the lipss, do not slide around, yet after a full day of wear my lips can do with a bit of lip balm. These will not nourish your lips for a full day, but for a matte lipstick these are not too difficult to apply and not too drying. They don’t drag along your lips but glide on smoothly and do add a bit of moisture.

Full face

Rose Perfecto still has a little bit of shine to it, but only the tiniest amount. And Fuchsia Fétiche is a full on matte straight away. I think both colors look good on me, but I like how Fuchsia Fétiche adds a bit more spark to my face. Despite the fact that I look massively tired in this full face picture, the lipstick just lifts up the whole look and makes me look bright and fresh faced. Rose Perfecto is more muted and in the full face picture you can see the definite purple undertone in this lipstick. Great in combination with a smokey eye that needs a bit more color.

Needless to say, I’m in love with these two lipsticks. They have great staying power, apply smoothly and have great pigmentation. And the colors are something fresh and new in my collection too. Just as I had hoped these would be.

Which one is your favorite of the two?

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