NOTD: Catrice liquid metal

A new type of nail polish Catrice launched are the liquid metal polishes. Some of these are just a standard glitter polish. But a handful of them are matte glitters. That’s right. Not liquid sand, but matte glitters. I was intrigued and picked up two: a pink and purple. To try them on my nails I decided to apply them into one manicure.

I had already swatched these in this post, but swatches and wearing them on your nails is something different with nail polish. I was really curious after seeing these would go on opaque, what they would look like on my nails and how longwearing these would be.

What I’m wearing:

Because these are matte, I decided to not use a top coat. All the top coats I own are shiny and so I was afraid to ruin the effect.

The polishes were a bit gloopy and especially the pink polish didn’t apply very easily. They are very opaque though and I think they went on nicely enough after given it a good try. The shimmers are super pretty and I loved the colors against my skin. What I didn’t like was the lasting power of these. Which was, non-existent to say the least.

These polishes didn’t last longer than a few hours before chipping. It took ages for them to dry completely. I thought they had dried, but I think because of the thick and gloopy texture, when you think it’s dry, they actually aren’t. I put this on in the afternoon, only to have my first chip happening while making dinner. By the end of that first day one of the nails had come off completely.

In other words, these nail polishes need a top coat to make them last. I will have to try that some time or other to see if that will help and whether it will not ruin the pretty effect. For now however, this is great to put on if you’re going out to a party and need something fun on your nails for a few hours. But don’t expect it to last more than a day.

What is your experience with Catrice Liquid Metal nail polishes?

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