Lookbook autumn 2014: fall into dresses

Today I thought I’d show you some new fall outfits. Dresses aren’t a common feature on the Dutch streets, especially when temperatures drop, but I love wearing them. If you look through my fashion posts you’ll quickly notice that. I don’t stop wearing dresses when it gets colder. With a thicker pair of tights or simply by wearing two sets, one on top of the other, you can still keep warm. Add on some long sleeves, cardigans or jackets and you’re all set!

1.) Tough it out

Burgundy skater dress (H&M)
Beige & faux leather sleeve blazer (H&M)Black biker boots with medium heel, studs & fringe tassles (Sasha/ Blink)
Leaf necklace (Forever 21)

This outfit I threw together randomly last spring and it just worked. By now, it’s one of my favorite combos. I bought the dress more than a year ago. The jacket may still be in the collection but I have had it for a while, so not sure you can still get that. The boots tie in nicely with the faux leather sleeves of the jacket and the silver hardware ties in with the leaf necklace. Which is of course perfect for fall.

2.) Florals for fall

Cream fluffy cardigan (H&M)
Orange & green floral patterned skater dress with peter pan collar (Asos)Beige knitted tights (H&M)
Beige Chelsea boot wedges (H&M)
Necklace (birthday present from my mom who had it custom made for me)

The secret to wearing dress in fall? Knitted tights. I have a few in an array of colors and that’s helped me to stray from the never ending offer of black tights. Because sometimes, black is so black. Brown tights would be nice with this dress as well, or grey or forest green (with forest green shoes). If you think a pattern like this is hard to style: think again. Just play with similar colors or with the colors from the pattern to create a look. This dress is one of my favorites by the way. I got it last winter and love the retro cut and color of this dress.

3.) A-line straight line

Tartan print a-line dress (Love @ Topshop)
Black 1461 Dr. Marten’s
Black tights (HEMA)
Black cardigan (HEMA)

HEMA is one of my favorite Dutch stores for basics. Their 60 Den tights are great and I also love some of their basic shirts, vest tops, and basic cardigans. I bought the dress in London last year. I had been wanting a tartan print dress but found them all too school girly. Until I found this. It’s really basic, but the print and a, for me unusual, a-line cut make this one of my more special dresses. A-line dresses aren’t to everyone’s taste, but I have a few and like the ones I have on me. I have enough curves to make up for the overall shape of the dress.

4.) Brownie points

Brown dress with hop cones (H&M)
Grey long cardigan (H&M)
Metallic grey tights (???)
Brown heeled oxfords (Van Haren)

This outfit is a very old staple. I think I may actually still own all of these items because the only time I wear them is when I decide on wearing this outfit. The reason for that is that I own 2 brown dresses. The only other one, being this one.  This outfit goes way back, as I bought this dress and the cardigan I’m wearing it with almost 5 years ago. I prefer the outfit with the cardigan as it makes for a slimmer look. I sometimes wear this with brown tights, but sometimes I take out these insane metallic grey ones that are so old I don’t even remember where I got them.

5.) Fluffed up stripes

Black fluffy cardigan/ jacket (H&M)
Monochrome striped sheath dress (H&M)
Neon orange belt (H&M)
Black tights (HEMA)
Black high heels (Van Haren)

Quite possibly my favorite outfit in the bunch is this one. I love the fit of this dress and it’s a nice change from my usual flirty skater dresses. It is fitted on top with a fitted waist and a tulip shaped skirt. This shape instantly makes for a more formal looking dress and I have a few of these dresses for when I want to look a bit more put together. I paired the black & white dress with a bright orange belt to keep things from getting too monochrome and add a pop of color.

Which dress would you wear?

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