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One of my favorite make up products to apply is blush. I love how much of a difference it makes and how different colors and textures will have a different effect on your completed look. It also reminds me of playing dress up as a kid when my mom and grandma would let me use their blush (which they called ‘rouge’) to play around with. With different blushes come different brushes. These are my top 5 picks for applying one of my favorite make up products.

All the brushes you’ll see in this post have a specific purpose. I have one overall favorite, but I use all these brushes for different effects or with different types of blush mostly. So yes, some of these get used more than others, depending on the look I’m going for and the product that I am looking. I will specify what purpose I use these brushes for when I discuss each one. I have reviewed some of these brushes before and I will link to those posts where possible.

Real Techniques blush brush

This brush is huge and covers a large area in little time. I love this for using any standard powder blush. The result is usually a very flattering look. The reason for this being the fact that this is a light and fluffy brush. The shape is tapered at the top which makes for great application on the apples of the cheek. You can easily dip just the tip of this brush into the product and sweep it across your cheek area. It gives a very natural look and this brush makes blush very easy to blend too. This is by far my favorite blush brush ever.

Real Techniques buffing brush

I originally bought this brush to use with foundation and I sometimes use it as such still. But my favorite way to use this brush is to blend out cream blush. I usually dab the cream blush on with my fingers but find that blending it out with my fingers as well, makes for moving around foundation and a less than flawless look. I don’t wear cream blush too often, because I don’t always like the look of it and because applying it is something I’m not too good at. But when I do decide to wear a cream blush, this is the brush I use to make sure I don’t look like a clown.

The Body Shop blusher brush

One company that makes some excellent brushes but that doesn’t get too many mentions is The Body Shop. I used to swear by this blush brush and it’s still my back up for when the Real Techniques one is too dirty. I also love using this when I want to emphasize the apples of my cheeks a bit more. The flat and rounded off shape make it perfect for a more classic blush look with the apples accentuated. This brush does make blending your blusher a tad difficult so I usually use a kabuki brush to blend out. It’s the only reason why I now prefer the Real Techniques blush brush over this one.

Zoeva 127 Luxe Sheer Cheek brush

When I am aiming for a more blended and softer look, I pick up this brush. It’s one of the newer brushes in my collection and due to its specific shape and texture I only like using it for specific purposes. I especially like using this with matte & bright blush colors. I find that bright colors can easily look too much and give you that not-so-flattering clownesque look very easily. So when I want to wear a bright blush and want to make it look natural and don’t fuss about with using another brush to blend things out, I go in with this one. It also makes for a more precise application if I don’t want to smear blush all over my face.

Sigma F15 Duo Fiber blush/ powder brush

The ultimate brush to use with highly pigmented blushes is the Sigma Duo Fiber brush. This brush is the least dense of all the brushes I’m showing you. And that’s why I love using it with darker or super intense blush colors. It gives off only a little bit of product on the skin and since I’m fair-skinned, a very pigmented blush can quickly look wrong. I mostly use this brush with my Sleek blushes which are otherwise way too pigmented and present on my skin. I have a few colors from Sleek’s line, including a brick red in a blush by 3 set and Pomegranate. With this brush, those colors look nice and very apt for the colder months. Without, well again, the word clown comes to mind.

What is your favorite blush brush?

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