Things I love #2

It’s been two months since I showed you some of my favorite things. Time to show you my current loves again! I have compiled 10 things I love. Either to do, to use, to drink or to listen to. What are your current favorites?

I find it hard to select my favorites. For a few months I had no problems, but being back at work leaves little to no time to think: wow I’m really loving this. By the time I realize I love something, I’m already moving on to the next product. Just thought I’d give you that little nugget of random info. On to the favorites!

New Look Chelsea boots

I bought these black booties in London. They’re real leather and were pretty cheap. I have several pairs of shoes from New Look and love them. New Look shoes are pretty wide and so they fit my feet nicely. I’ve been wearing these shoes non-stop ever since I got them. They go with everything, are super comfy and they keep my feet warm.

YSL Rouge pur Couture The Mats 208 Fuchsia Fétiche (or Madly Fuchsia)

My favorite lipstick of the past few months has been this bright pink baby. Despite the dreadful weather I’ve been seriously into wearing bright pink lips. My favorite one? This one by YSL, which I reviewed (together with a more muted version) in this blog post. It’s matte, wears well, and super bright. It goes very nicely with the darker eye make up I like to wear these days.

David Nicholls – One Day

This picture represents one of my favorite past times: reading. I already mentioned it in my combined book review last week, but I’m really into reading at the moment. It always comes and goes to me, but lately I’ve had a distinct urge to read. This is the last book I finished. I will be reviewing it asap, but first I have to finish an anthology of Victorian vampire stories.

Chloé – Love Chloé

Another favorite this time is this perfume. I have had this for a while and used it sparingly. But lately I’ve been going nuts over it. I wear it every single day. No exception. I love the soft, powdery smell. It doesn’t linger too long on my skin, but it also makes it not too overpowering. If you’re looking for a feminine smell, I can highly recommend this one.

Celestial Seasonings Sleepy Time tea

My favorite bed time tea is Sleepy Time. I first had this almost 10 years ago while I lived in the States. I loved it so much that I tracked it down in Holland and I’ve been drinking it ever since. I have a few other teas I like to drink before I go to bed, but I always come back to this one. It’s very soothing and relaxing too.

Benefit Coralista

Benefit’s boxed powders are a great, be it expensive, product. I also included this in my Fall Series earlier this month, as one of my favorite blushes for fall. This is quite possibly the only blush I’ve been wearing for two months. I love its warm peachy color with golden sheen. I find it’s one of my most versatile blushes as it’s easy to use when I need to quickly do my make up before I’m heading to work.

This Works Deep Sleep Stress Less roller ball

I just reviewed this product yesterday. What I love about it is the smell. I think I may be addicted to it. Luckily this product goes a long way and you only need a small amount to apply it. Not too sure if the product really works, but it certainly makes for a very cozy feeling right before dozing off.

Sassoon Edit Hold Re-Workable Long-Lasting Finishing Spray

Is it a hairspray? No. Is it a dry shampoo? No. Is it a volume spray? What’s this then? A finishing spray that gives the hold of a hair spray, the texture of a volume spray and the workability of a dry shampoo. It keeps my hair from going limp within 30 minutes, makes it less frizzy and what’s best about this that all you need to do is squeeze your hair throughout the day to spruce up your look. It is my latest haircare obsession.

Ed Sheeran

In early November I went to see Ed Sheeran kick off his European tour at Ziggo Dome in Amsterdam. Me and my friend bought tickets aeons ago. I mainly went because I had heard good things about his live act. And I was not disappointed. His songs are better live than they are on his albums. What’s best is that he does everything alone. All he needs is his guitar, a mic and a mixing paddle and he just everything by himself right then and there. I’ve been a little bit obsessed with him ever since.

Brown eye look

This favorite isn’t much of a product but more of a look I like to wear. Lately, I’m really into darker looks, mainly browns or greys. This look combines both and I make something like this almost every day. I pair it with a bright lipstick and I’m all set for the day.

Happy Sunday!

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