London nail polish haul

Whoopsie daisy, I completely forgot to show you the polishes and accompanying swatches that I bought in London. I took a trip to London at the end of October, so this post is long overdue. However, I hope you don’t mind my still making this post. It’s nail polish after all and if there is one thing I’m addicted to…

London nail polish haul

Compared to other years this haul is quite subdued. In previous years I bought what seemed like half the Barry M line, but I decided to refrain this year. There are simply not that many colors or glitter topcoats left that I do not own yet. So there really isn’t a whole lot to buy anymore. In total I bought 8 nail polishes: 7 drugstore and 1 high end polish.

Revlon Parfumerie Autumn Spice

Scented nail polishes. One trend I never really got the hang of. But when I saw this color I didn’t care what it smelled like. It is absolutely stunning! I love wearing darker colors in fall and winter and this fits right into that street. It’s gorgeous dark reddish brown with red and gold specks. Very autumnal indeed! I couldn’t really smell this when I was swatching this and have yet to try it on my nails.

Butter London Bit Faker

A brand I had yet to try was Butter London. I found it at Harvey Nichols and the only color that caught my eye was this one. I already wore it on my nails and reviewed it here. It is a gorgeous polish but alas it doesn’t last very long on the nail. However, if you’re looking for an opaque glitter that is even more stunning in real life than in my pictures, go pick it up.

Models Own Diamond Luxe Marquise Maroon

I bought one polish with Christmas in mind. This gorgeous red color has the smallest amount of gold shimmer, which makes it super festive and very worthy of the Holiday season. Unfortunately it’s a bit sheer and has a jelly texture, but nonetheless this goes on opaque in two coats and I like the translucent look it gives off.

Models Own Beach Bag

Let’s change the programme to something different and not very wintery at all. This is a pastel neon orange. I first saw this at Lily Pebbles on Youtube and she says it’s supposed to make your hands look more tan? In any case, I thought this would be such a fun color for spring and summer that I couldn’t pass it up.

Barry M Matte Nail Paint Vanilla

On to my favorite UK drugstore brand: Barry M. Their nail polishes are great. There’s a good color selection and some interesting finishes. When I was in London they had just expanded their matte line with this taupy neutral shade. The matte shades don’t wear too long as you cannot use them with a top coat, but I love the look of matte nails. And I love taupe nail polish too. Win-win!

Barry M Gelly Hi-Shine Nail Paint in Rose Hip

Another line that had some new colors was the Gelly Hi-Shine line. I already own a few of these and they are one of my favorite nail polish lines ever. Rose Hip is a cute pastel rose color. It’s bright without being in your face which is something I like. When I wore this on my nails it went on quite streaky, but I think that may have been due to my base coat. The result was pretty in the end but I did need three coats which is too much for this nail polish. It’s already quite thick and so I’m gonna have to see if it will work better over a different topcoat.

Barry M Gelly Hi-Shine Nail Paint in Sugar Apple

I also picked up this blue/ green pastel shade. I haven’t tried this on yet, but it looks like a bright and fresh shade that will be perfect for spring. But maybe this could be a nice base for a wintery/ snowy nail art? Who knows, maybe I should get creative in my Christmas break.

Barry M Nail Paint in Moonlight

Barry M also do some great glitters. This chunky glitter has abstract chunks, smaller multi colored glitter and stars! It is part of their limited edition Christmas line and I think it looks fun and festive. It’s definitely something different and I love how colorful it is. Reminds me of Christmas lights and wrapping paper.

Speaking of Christmas I’ll be decorating my house for Christmas today! I’m so excited as this will be the first year I’ll really have Christmas decoration. I made a start last year and I had a few bits and bobs in previous years, but this year I’m even having a mini Christmas tree! Anywho, I’ll be sure to show you what it looks like once it’s all up.

What is your favorite drugstore nail polish brand?

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