30 day make up challenge #14: Barbie

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If there is one girl on the planet who has never been truly interested in Barbie, it would be me. As a kid, I only played with Barbie dolls if I had been over to a friend’s place who was an avid fan. I preferred to make up my own games, read books or play soccer with the boys in my street. In fact, I didn’t turn into a girly girl until I was in my early 20s. So this make up look was quite out of my comfort zone.

When I think of Barbie, I think of pink. So that’s what I went with. This is by now means a true Barbie look. I found these two images (1 & 2) for inspiration. But I’m no good at doing winged liner and when I attempted it with this look it was very unsuccessful and I ended up redoing one eye completely. My eye shape also doesn’t come close to that of Barbie and so I just turned this into a fun make up look, using the bright colors I saw in my inspiration pictures: pink and purple.

I also thought it was a good excuse to bring out some Sleek eyeshadow palettes and play around with those. Because that’s really all I did with this look: play around. I never make a test version for these looks. I just pick products and start and see what comes out. That’s the fun part of make up for me and so that’s what I’m sharing here as well. I stuck to pinks for my cheeks and lips, but since I wanted the focus to remain on the eyes, I went with something more neutral toned.

The lip combination I did swatch out before I did this make up look. I wanted something soft and pinky. Like Barbie has on in the inspiration pictures. When it comes to copying the look, I think this is the part of the look that worked out best. And this wasn’t a quick look to make. I wanted to make sure to blend out the colors nicely so there would be a soft gradient, but still have a deep enough crease color. I wanted to be able to still see some of the purple when I opened my eyes and I wanted to pull up the eyeshadow just a little bit on the outer edge.

close ups

Products used:


Base: Dior DiorSkin Nude foundation in 010 Ivory, Benefit Erase Paste, Catrice All Matt Plus powder in 01 transparent.

Blush: Sleek Pixie Pink

Highlight: MUA Undress Your Skin highlighter


Base: Too Faced Shadow Insurance & MAC paintpot in painterly

  • Brow highlight: Sleek Good Girl palette merengue
  • Inner corner & inner 1/3: MAC Swish
  • All over lid: Sleek Good Girl palette lollipop
  • Outer V: Sleek Lagoon palette night sky
  • Light wash all over lid: MAC Swish
  • Crease: Sleek Ultimate Mattes V2 highness & thunder
  • Blend color: Sleek Lagoon reflection
  • Lower lash line: Sleek Lagoon reflection
  • Eyeliner: Estee Lauder Double Wear Stay-In Place Eye Pencil in onyx
  • Waterline: Essence Highlight it Nude eye pencil

Mascara: L’Oreal Butterfly effect false lash wings in midnight black

Brows: Catrice Eyebrow Set (lightest color only), HEMA eyebrow gel


  • Topshop Macaroon
  • Benefit Ultra Shines lipgloss in Dancing Queen

As you can see: a lot of products went into this seemingly simple look. It made for a nice change. On a day to day basis I only get to use 3 eyeshadows max as that is all I have time for in the morning. So to go all out and use so many different eyeshadows and using lip colors I would never have thought to put together otherwise, I had a lot of fun making this. I love the bright pop of color on the eyes and the glossy lip goes with it nicely. So despite this looking nothing like my inspiration pictures, or Barbie, I’m still happy with this look.

How would you create a Barbie inspired look?

5 responses to “30 day make up challenge #14: Barbie”

  1. sophiestraalt Avatar

    Ik ben gek op roze, maar dit is wel heel erg barbie! Wel heel leuk om een keer toe doen, maar niet voor elke dag:)

    1. indiequeen84 Avatar

      Nee idd. Ben zo ook niet naar mn werk gegaan ofzo. Iets te heftig!

  2. dlmcd36 Avatar

    Very pretty

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