5 brushes for detailed eyeshadow application

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When it comes to eyeshadow, covering your basics is important. But once you have those down, the next step is to go into more detail. I already showed you my top 5 brushes for basic eyeshadow application. And today I’m showing you my top 5 picks for the details. From pencil brushes to crease brushes and smudge brushes to smokey eyes brushes: it’s the detail that adds a bit of interest to any eyelook. So if you’re ready to take it one step further, then keep on reading.

Sigma Pencil E30
Zoeva Petit Crease 231
Real Techniques Base Shadow
Essence smokey eyes
Sephora Professionel Smudge

One thing all these brushes have in common, is the fact that they are smaller than the average eyeshadow brush. I like using them in the smaller parts of my eye area. From the inner corner to my outer V and my lower lashline. I use these interchangeably for the same purpose, but some of these I only ever use for one thing. Again, for measuring purposes, I show you each brush against the tip of my index finger.

Sigma Pencil E30

I am not a fan of using very precise pencil brushes for my crease. I mostly use this brush to apply an inner corner highlight. Or I use it to apply a little bit of color on my lower lashline. But inner corner work is what I prefer this brush for. It’s little tip allows you to go right into that inner corner which is why I love it mainly for that purpose.

Zoeva Petit Crease 231

This Zoeva brush is great for drawing in your Outer V area. But I also like this if I do want to apply a more precise crease color. And while we’re at it anyway: it is also pretty good at applying some color on your lower lashline too. What I usually do with this brush: I apply color to my Outer V, sweep the color more into my crease and smudge the same color onto my lower lashline. One color, one brush, and you’ve instantly deepened your make up look.

Real Techniques Base Shadow brush

This brush is a recent love. Before I didn’t like this brush at all. It’s too precise for the crease, too fluffy for an all over lid color, but I found it’s perfect for something very specific. I love using this for blending out the crease. AND I’ve been really enjoying applying not 1 but 2 shades on my lid. And I love using this for applying that second lid color. Why? Because it will add just enough definition but also allows you to blend that color in one go.

Essence smokey eyes

This brush is tiny! But that’s why it is great at very precise application. I mainly use this for a more defined lower lash line, for blending out pencil liner and for applying eyeshadow close to my upper lashline. It is a short bristled domed brush. It has quite a lot of give to it, which makes it perfect for when you want to apply a bit more color, especially on your lower lashline.

Sephora smokey eyes

Another small brush. This has short bristles which are very stiff. And that makes it my most used lower lashline brush. Whether it’s smudging out eyeliner, applying a basic color or blending something out: this brush does the trick. Because it’s so small it fits my lower lashline perfectly and it makes for a very precise application due to its narrow shape.

What are your favorite brushes for detailed application?

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