It’s the season… to wear lipstick

You say Christmas, I say red lip. A good red lip is about the most Christmassy thing I think of. I love red lipstick in general, but with Christmas it’s even more festive and fun looking. In my fall lipstick post, I showed you mainly berries and purples. But today, I’ll be showing you reds that are more true to their color. Not only that, the majority of these lipsticks have a hint of shimmer to them as well.

For this post, I’ve decided to show you 6 different lipsticks. Three of them drugstore and three of them high end. Two of them are matte. One of them is limited edition and 4 of them contain shine, shimmer or micro glitter. Because shiny lipsticks are back and I’m really liking the trend. And what could be more apt for Christmas than a red lip with a little bit of sparkle?

Topshop Beguiled

In my Fall series, I showed you another Topshop lipstick, Wicked. This lipstick is very close to that in color, but the finish is different. Where Wicked has a hint of shine, this one is more matte. It is the darkest shade I am showing you today. It is a beautiful berry shade, but with some more red into it than your average berry. Very apt for Christmas and this is long wearing too. I find most Topshop lipsticks are. So great color and quality and this costs less than 10 euros too. A full blog post where I review this lipstick and show it on in a full face is in the works.

Estee Lauder Pure Color FJ in Rebel Raspberry

This shimmering beauty is from Estee Lauder’s regular line. I bought this lipstick ages ago and wore it a lot when I first got it. It’s is a stunning pinky red with purple and pink micro glitter. The only problem with this lipstick is that when it wears, the color wears off, but the glitter stays on your lips longer. So if you’re not careful with touching up, you’ll walk around with leftover glitter all over your lips. You can see this swatched and in a full face shot at the bottom of this blog post.

Max Factor 685 Mulberry

I remember when this line of lipsticks launched. I am not a big Max Factor fan, but the few things I own by them, I like. This lipstick is no exception. It is another red (obviously) but has more wine tones to it. It also has a very pretty sheen. Which, on the lips, can sometimes look a little bit dated, but with the current trend favoring shiny lipsticks, this is right on trend and I find myself wearing it more again.

Dior RougeDior 988 Rialto

When it comes to seriously high end lipsticks I find myself gravitating away from Chanel and into the realms of Dior. Dior is by far my favorite high end make up brand and after falling in love with their eyeshadow and foundation, I am now falling in love with their lipsticks. This red lipstick has the smallest amount of pink and silver shimmer. It makes for a more multidimensional look and I’ve been loving this. I wore it in the full face pictures in this blog post.

Catrice Viennart Shimmer Lip Color in C03 Klimt’s Ardent Kiss

The current Viennart Limited Edition by Catrice didn’t spark my interest at first. Too shimmery, too metallicy, just too much. But then I browsed it again and decided to swatch this and the nude lipstick in the range and I fell in love. This red is infused with gold shimmer making for a warmer red than the Dior one. This is so new to me I haven’t had a chance to review it, but you will see this in a full face pictures coming later this week.

MAC Russian Red

Finally, you cannot get more classic red then this! Whenever my make up needs a classic red, I pick up this obviously well-loved Russian Red by MAC. It’s the perfect neutral toned red that flatters so many people. And it’s matte, which for a red this full on makes for a versatile and wearable shade. And when I say this is a classic red, I mean it. I wore it in not one, but two of my vintage inspired looks. Namely my 50s rockabilly and 40s Hollywood glam looks.

Swatches (f.l.t.r.):
Topshop – Estee Lauder – Max Factor – Dior – Catrice – MAC

There you have it: 6 red lipsticks for the festive season. The perfect time to bust out those reds if you weren’t already doing it.

What lipstick will you be wearing this Christmas?

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