Lookbook: Jingle all the way (Christmas 2014)

There used to be a time where I didn’t enjoy dressing up for Christmas. And now that I do, I don’t have too many occasions to go to anymore where I can go all out with the sequins and other fun options. My family isn’t much of the dressing up type and my New Year’s Eve will be spend cooking with friends. Not the occasion to deck yourself into sequins and pretty dresses. But I thought: why not show you what I would wear if I were to attend a more dressy occasion?

It’s not as if I will never wear these outfits. I can wear these dresses, jackets and skirts as often as I’d like. However, an item such as the black sequined shorts that are featured here, is something I will not wear on the daily. But all of the other items I can also chuck on in different combinations or even as is, and wear to work or whenever I feel a bit more dressy. I did another one of these posts 2 years ago. So if you’d like to see what I came up with then, feel free to see that by clicking here.

In all outfits I’m wearing the same pair of heels and tights. The shoes are from Van Haren and are a standard faux suede stiletto heel in black. The black opaque tights are from HEMA. I’ve been finding it too cold to go out with sheer or nude tights, so I decided to keep it real and keep the bottom half the same.

1.) Red flirt

Red lace dress with full circle skirt (H&M)
Statement necklace (Primark)

This dress is one of my most recent purchases. I have been planning the outfits in this post since early October, but when I came across this dress, I knew it had to be featured. Not in the first place because this dress has my name written all over it. A) It’s red (my favorite color). B) It’s a skater dress (the most flattering dress shape for my figure). C) It’s lace (one of my favorite textures in clothing). Another plus for this dress is the fact that it’s long sleeved and the skirt is longer in the front at the back, giving the dress a flirty silhouette.

2.) Office sparkle

Black embroidered blazer (H&M)
Black sequined shorts (Vila)
Purple & lilac embezzled statement necklace (H&M)
Black t-shirt (H&M)

If I would be able to attend my work Christmas party, this is what I would have worn. Unfortunately it is on Thursday, which is my day off and due to appointments with students I was unable to switch things up so I could attend. In any case, I like how this is a festive outfit despite the fact that it is all black. The sequined shorts are what keep this outfit from being boring, yet they are not too in your face. Even better: they have a drawstring waistband, so you don’t have to worry about what would happen if you eat too much.

3.) Lace spunk

Soft lemon and black lace peplum dress (Traffic People via Asos)
Beige and black blazer with faux leather sleeves (H&M)
Dainty necklace (gift from my mom)

Proof that lace is one of my favorite fabrics to wear. I bought this lace peplum dress in the Asos sale last year and haven’t worn it yet. But I think I may throw this into my overnight bag when I visit my family for Christmas. I experimented with pairing the dress with a belt, which you can see in the header of this post. I personally like the silhouette better with a belt and this is another one of those outfits that would be great if you have a work party to go to. I threw on the blazer to make the dress not too cold while adding a bit of edge to an otherwise sweet looking dress.

4.) Polka dots & sequins

Grey & silver sequin sweater (H&M)
Dark blue and black polka dot organza overlay skirt with gem button and bow (Vero Moda)

Originally I wanted to pair this skirt with a silver sequined tunic that I own. But since that is short sleeved, I opted for this sweater instead. It is a quite possibly the coziest outfit in this post with a nice and warm sweater and a flowy skirt. Apart from the fact that these two items are perfect for Christmas as separates, I love how combined, they make for the perfect outfit that clashes casual and chique. The skirt is very old by the way. I bought it for 7 euros on sale back when I was a dead broke student. I hardly wear it, but I just can’t get myself to throw it away because it’s perfect for occasional wear appropriate for this time of year.

5.) Navy blues

Dark blue skater dress with black piping and mesh overlay (Forever 21)
Black fuzzy cardigan (H&M)
Blue dual toned gemstone triangle necklace (Forever 21)

The final outfit also features a recent purchase. This dark blue Forever 21 dress caught my eye because of the structured look it has. The skirt flares out nicely and the black piping on the dress makes it look a lot more expensive than it was. I also love how the dark blue isn’t an actual dark blue. When you see this dress up close, you’ll see that it’s actually a bright blue color with a black mesh overlay effect. I paired it with a simple holographic type stone necklace and a black fuzzy sweater to keep things cozy and comfortable.

What will you be wearing this Christmas?

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