Video: Christmas decorations

In today’s video I’m showing you how I’ve decorated my tiny living space for Christmas. It’s the first time I’ve pulled out all the stops and I thought: why not film it! I apologize for the shakiness of this video at certain points, but I decided halfway through making this video that I wanted to do things differently. I didn’t have time due to a crazy week at work to refilm the shaky bits. Hope you don’t mind. Enjoy your Sunday!

List of products shown:

Mini Christmas trees: Hema
Mini baubles: Hema & Wibra
Larger baubles: Flying Tiger, H&M, Hema
Ribbon: Flying Tiger
Other decoration: Sissy Boy, Xenos, supermarket
Christmas tree lights: Hema
Snowflake lights: Ikea
Fairy lights: Kruidvat
Lava lamp: Magma
Other lights: Kruidvat & Xenos

If there are any other products you see that you would like to know more about, please feel free to leave a comment below. And on that note, my Christmas series are over. Tomorrow we’ll be going back to the regular program and I will be back with a Catrice lipstick review.

What are your favorite Christmas decorations?

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